Meng - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Sep 241246Beyond The Game462 — 354TheOne1269
Sep 171241Beyond The Game922 — 08KiTN819
Sep 161211Beyond The Game522 — 048Chall Enge1200
Sep 111202Beyond The Game391 — 161TheOne1280
Sep 101190Beyond The Game812 — 019Super Perfect Team934
Sep 03Gold Series He1211Beyond The Game882 — 012OFD858
Sep 02Gold Series He1219Beyond The Game691 — 131Tsunami1081
Aug 27Gold Series He1199Beyond The Game682 — 032HOTS1070
Aug 26Gold Series He1191Beyond The Game862 — 014KiTN872
Aug 20Gold Series He1196Beyond The Game521 — 148Chall Enge1183
Aug 20Gold Series He1182Beyond The Game792 — 021Super Perfect Team954
Aug 19Gold Series He1135Beyond The Game242 — 076TheOne1335
Aug 13Gold Series He1160Beyond The Game861 — 114OFD845
Aug 12Gold Series He1135Beyond The Game582 — 042Tsunami1076
Aug 12Gold Series He1142Beyond The Game671 — 133HOTS1017
Aug 06Gold Series He1130Beyond The Game872 — 013OFD879
Jul 30Gold Series He1130Beyond The Game--2 — 0--PROV
Jul 23Gold Series He1131Beyond The Game--2 — 0--PROV
Jun 03Gold Series He1165Beyond The Game340 — 366TheOne1250
May 28Gold Series He1186Beyond The Game852 — 015KiTN887
May 27Gold Series He1165Beyond The Game662 — 034Super Perfect Team1049
May 21Gold Series He1155Beyond The Game391 — 161TheOne1238
May 20Gold Series He1134Beyond The Game652 — 035Boluo1024
May 14Gold Series He1125Beyond The Game852 — 015KG825
May 13Gold Series He1123Beyond The Game421 — 158Chall Enge1180
May 07Gold Series He1109Beyond The Game772 — 023OFD896
May 06Gold Series He1093Beyond The Game752 — 025KiTN904
Apr 30Gold Series He1092Beyond The Game551 — 145Super Perfect Team1058
Apr 29Gold Series He1078Beyond The Game321 — 168TheOne1208
Apr 23Gold Series He1045Beyond The Game452 — 055Boluo1082
Apr 22Gold Series He1045Beyond The Game--2 — 0--KGPROV
Apr 16Gold Series He1000Beyond The Game302 — 070Chall Enge1149
Apr 15Gold Series He1000Beyond The Game--2 — 0--OFDPROV
Apr 09Gold Series He1130TheOne--2 — 0--KiTNPROV
Nov 022018 Heroes of1145TheOne40 — 296Gen.G esports1535
Oct 272018 Heroes of1133TheOne451 — 155HeroesHearth1171
Oct 262018 Heroes of1105TheOne532 — 047Mindfreak1081
Oct 262018 Heroes of1111TheOne90 — 291Dignitas1509
Oct 252018 Heroes of1106TheOne231 — 177Leftovers1318
Oct 252018 Heroes of1083TheOne171 — 183Tempest1356
Sep 19Gold Series He1111TheOne622 — 338Beyond The Game1045
Sep 19Gold Series He1100TheOne563 — 244Super Perfect Team1070
Sep 12Gold Series He1084TheOne742 — 026A-Team896
Sep 12Gold Series He1105TheOne861 — 114KT789
Sep 11Gold Series He1109TheOne611 — 139Beyond The Game1031
Sep 11Gold Series He1082TheOne562 — 044Chall Enge1038
Sep 10Gold Series He1064TheOne712 — 029RPG904
Sep 05Gold Series He1099TheOne570 — 243Super Perfect Team1047
Sep 04Gold Series He1087TheOne812 — 019Team Nut828
Sep 04Gold Series He1070TheOne712 — 029A-Team911