MelodyC - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Sep 17882Super Perfect Team161 — 184Chall Enge1170
Sep 16889Super Perfect Team100 — 290TheOne1270
Sep 11922Super Perfect Team550 — 245OFD889
Sep 10934Super Perfect Team190 — 281Beyond The Game1190
Sep 03Gold Series He929Super Perfect Team310 — 269HOTS1067
Sep 02Gold Series He902Super Perfect Team572 — 043KiTN855
Aug 27Gold Series He921Super Perfect Team310 — 269Tsunami1062
Aug 26Gold Series He934Super Perfect Team190 — 281Chall Enge1187
Aug 20Gold Series He941Super Perfect Team110 — 289TheOne1301
Aug 20Gold Series He954Super Perfect Team210 — 279Beyond The Game1182
Aug 19Gold Series He958Super Perfect Team621 — 138OFD870
Aug 13Gold Series He984Super Perfect Team420 — 258HOTS1042
Aug 12Gold Series He996Super Perfect Team651 — 135KiTN888
Aug 12Gold Series He1025Super Perfect Team470 — 253Tsunami1048
Aug 06Gold Series He1025Super Perfect Team--2 — 0--Tsunami HotSPROV
Jul 30Gold Series He1025Super Perfect Team--2 — 0--PROV
Jul 23Gold Series He1026Super Perfect Team--2 — 0--PROV
Jun 03Gold Series He1049Super Perfect Team200 — 380TheOne1226
May 28Gold Series He1028Super Perfect Team290 — 271Chall Enge1189
May 27Gold Series He1049Super Perfect Team340 — 266Beyond The Game1165
May 21Gold Series He1063Super Perfect Team761 — 124OFD861
May 20Gold Series He1044Super Perfect Team702 — 030KG891
May 14Gold Series He1023Super Perfect Team652 — 035KiTN914
May 13Gold Series He1042Super Perfect Team310 — 269TheOne1183
May 07Gold Series He1044Super Perfect Team591 — 141Boluo982
May 06Gold Series He1068Super Perfect Team390 — 261Chall Enge1144
Apr 30Gold Series He1058Super Perfect Team451 — 155Beyond The Game1092
Apr 29Gold Series He1058Super Perfect Team--1 — 1--OFDPROV
Apr 23Gold Series He1058Super Perfect Team--2 — 0--KGPROV
Apr 22Gold Series He1058Super Perfect Team--2 — 0--KiTNPROV
Apr 16Gold Series He1094Super Perfect Team360 — 264TheOne1193
Apr 15Gold Series He1034Super Perfect Team382 — 062Boluo1120
Apr 08Gold Series He1066Super Perfect Team--2 — 0--USDPROV
Apr 08Gold Series He1088Super Perfect Team611 — 239Boluo1025
Jan 11Gold Series He1064Super Perfect Team523 — 148Beyond The Game1051
Oct 252018 Heroes of1106TheOne231 — 177Leftovers1318
Oct 252018 Heroes of1083TheOne171 — 183Tempest1356
Sep 19Gold Series He1070Super Perfect Team442 — 356TheOne1100
Sep 18Gold Series He1048Super Perfect Team593 — 141Chall Enge1000
Sep 12Gold Series He1020Super Perfect Team542 — 046Chall Enge993
Sep 11Gold Series He1052Super Perfect Team530 — 247Beyond The Game1034
Sep 11Gold Series He1067Super Perfect Team771 — 123RPG850
Sep 10Gold Series He1091Super Perfect Team851 — 115Team Nut789
Sep 10Gold Series He1082Super Perfect Team852 — 015KT775
Sep 05Gold Series He1047Super Perfect Team432 — 057TheOne1099
Sep 05Gold Series He1057Super Perfect Team721 — 128A-Team888
Sep 05Gold Series He1065Super Perfect Team571 — 143Chall Enge1014
Sep 03Gold Series He1100Super Perfect Team590 — 241Beyond The Game1036
Aug 29Gold Series He1101Super Perfect Team--2 — 0--RPGPROV
Aug 29Gold Series He1101Super Perfect Team--2 — 0--Team NutPROV