Furyhots - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Oct 03994Looking for Work71Bo529Team Good Guys877
Jul 21Heroes Lounge 961Looking for Work643 — 036Order of the Sleeping Dragon884
Jul 21Heroes Lounge 1004Looking for Work530 — 347The Lost Boys988
Jul 20Heroes Lounge 971Looking for Work643 — 036Celeb Gaming894
Jun 23Heroes Lounge 1019Looking for Work862 — 314Revive Esports791
Jun 16Heroes Lounge 1020Looking for Work713 — 229Celeb Gaming902
May 24Heroes Lounge 1016Looking for Work553 — 245The Lost Boys987
May 02Heroes Lounge 1008Looking for Work813 — 119Revive Esports825
Apr 26Heroes Lounge 975Looking for Work633 — 037Celeb Gaming905
Apr 24Heroes Lounge 954Looking for Work401 — 060Team Good Guys1027
Apr 14Heroes Lounge 959Looking for Work703 — 230Close To Death846
Apr 05Heroes Lounge 920Looking for Work223 — 278The Lost Boys1085
Mar 30Heroes Lounge 901Looking for Work553 — 145Multiple Smiles873
Mar 21Heroes Lounge 862Looking for Work533 — 047Order of the Sleeping Dragon848
Feb 10Heroes Lounge 860Looking for Work--1 — 2--Close To DeathPROV
Feb 09Toasty & Gladm890Looking for Work210 — 379Team Feedem1063
Feb 02Fight Night #1935LFM eSports281 — 372Team Feedem1056
Feb 02Heroes Lounge 920Looking for Work--2 — 0--Proxy Nexus 2PROV
Feb 02Heroes Lounge 920Looking for Work511 — 249Comanche Power Train912
Sep 282018 Heroes of951LFM eSports422 — 358Endemic Esports997
Sep 212018 Heroes of912LFM eSports553 — 045No Tomorrow888
Sep 152018 Heroes of933LFM eSports160 — 384Team Octalysis1143
Sep 082018 Heroes of879LFM eSports313 — 069Endemic Esports986
Sep 072018 Heroes of866LFM eSports71 — 393HeroesHearth1172
Sep 022018 Heroes of879LFM eSports90 — 391Tempo Storm1162
Aug 262018 Heroes of861LFM eSports102 — 390Team Freedom1133
Aug 242018 Heroes of890LFM eSports491 — 351Simplicity895
Jul 282018 Heroes of849LFM eSports443 — 156No Tomorrow879
Jul 222018 Heroes of869LFM eSports160 — 384Team Freedom1081
Jul 212018 Heroes of838LFM eSports303 — 170Simplicity946
Jul 142018 Heroes of847LFM eSports40 — 396Tempo Storm1221
Jul 082018 Heroes of875LFM eSports270 — 373Endemic Esports1006
Jul 062018 Heroes of887LFM eSports60 — 394HeroesHearth1208
Jun 302018 Heroes of889LFM eSports141 — 386Team Octalysis1119
Apr 282018 Heroes of970Gale Force eSports271 — 373Team Freedom1097
Apr 272018 Heroes of941Gale Force eSports353 — 265Simplicity1025
Apr 212018 Heroes of963Gale Force eSports180 — 382Tempo Storm1152
Apr 152018 Heroes of999Gale Force eSports400 — 360Team Freedom1053
Apr 132018 Heroes of1051Gale Force eSports670 — 333Simplicity958
Apr 072018 Heroes of1051Gale Force eSports803 — 120LFM eSports872
Mar 312018 Heroes of996Gale Force eSports183 — 282Team Twelve1191
Mar 302018 Heroes of986Gale Force eSports683 — 132SpaceStation Gaming890
Mar 252018 Heroes of995Gale Force eSports312 — 369HeroesHearth1100
Feb 172018 Heroes of1020Gale Force eSports260 — 374Tempo Storm1155
Feb 122018 Heroes of973Gale Force eSports243 — 176HeroesHearth1120
Feb 032018 Heroes of1001Gale Force eSports310 — 369Team Twelve1109
Feb 032018 Heroes of965Gale Force eSports583 — 042SpaceStation Gaming923
Jan 272018 Heroes of995Gale Force eSports642 — 336LFM eSports921
Jan 212018 Heroes of1022Gale Force eSports481 — 352Team Freedom1033
Jan 212018 Heroes of1123Tempo Storm533 — 147HeroesHearth1104