Hosty - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Oct 031035The Lost Boys84Bo516Celeb Gaming829
Aug 02HeroesHype Pre1042Team Feedem--3 — 2--Subscribe w/ Twitch PrimePROV
Aug 01HeroesHype Pre1042Team Feedem--3 — 0--Inting for GlobesPROV
Jul 31HeroesHype Pre1028Team Feedem492 — 151team gangang1033
Jul 31HeroesHype Pre1028Team Feedem--2 — 0--Subscribe w/ Twitch PrimePROV
Jul 21Heroes Lounge 1032The Lost Boys614 — 339Close To Death975
Jul 21Heroes Lounge 988The Lost Boys473 — 053Looking for Work1004
Jul 20Heroes Lounge 970The Lost Boys653 — 135Team Good Guys887
Jul 20Heroes Lounge 992The Lost Boys652 — 335Close To Death913
Jun 05Heroes Lounge 983The Lost Boys643 — 236Close To Death906
Jun 01Heroes Lounge 983The Lost Boys82Bo518Revive Esports789
May 24Heroes Lounge 987The Lost Boys452 — 355Looking for Work1016
May 17Heroes Lounge 994The Lost Boys733 — 227Order of the Sleeping Dragon868
May 16Fight Night #8994The Lost Boys--3 — 2--Subscribe w/ Twitch PrimePROV
May 12Heroes Lounge 1040The Lost Boys772 — 323Team Good Guys886
May 03Heroes Lounge 1096The Lost Boys862 — 314Celeb Gaming872
Apr 26Heroes Lounge 1079The Lost Boys883 — 012Close To Death828
Apr 25Fight Night #71064The Lost Boys613 — 139Team Good Guys1006
Apr 12Heroes Lounge 1046The Lost Boys883 — 012Revive Esports804
Apr 05Heroes Lounge 1085The Lost Boys782 — 322Looking for Work920
Mar 29Heroes Lounge 1097The Lost Boys923 — 18Order of the Sleeping Dragon797
Mar 23Heroes Lounge 1097The Lost Boys753 — 125Team Good Guys955
Mar 02Fight Night #31194Team Feedem851 — 415Scythe Esports977
Feb 16Fight Night #21166Team Feedem674 — 133Team Twelve1074
Feb 10Toasty & Gladm1125Team Feedem524 — 148Team Twelve1116
Feb 10Toasty & Gladm1083Team Feedem493 — 051Murloc Geniuses1087
Feb 09Toasty & Gladm1063Team Feedem793 — 021Looking for Work890
Feb 02Fight Night #11056Team Feedem723 — 128LFM eSports935
Feb 02Heroes Lounge 1035The Lost Boys--2 — 0--Revive EsportsPROV
Feb 02Heroes Lounge 1035The Lost Boys702 — 030Multiple Smiles919
Feb 02Heroes Lounge 1056The Lost Boys702 — 130Comanche Power Train939
Feb 02Heroes Lounge 1035The Lost Boys--2 — 0--FENIX ESPORTPROV
Oct 072018 Heroes of884Simplicity342 — 466Scythe Esports969
Sep 222018 Heroes of844Simplicity42 — 396HeroesHearth1220
Sep 162018 Heroes of877Simplicity360 — 364Endemic Esports953
Sep 142018 Heroes of898Simplicity170 — 383Team Freedom1101
Sep 092018 Heroes of918Simplicity160 — 384Tempo Storm1130
Aug 312018 Heroes of945Simplicity300 — 370Team Octalysis1053
Aug 272018 Heroes of923Simplicity623 — 138No Tomorrow856
Aug 242018 Heroes of895Simplicity513 — 149LFM eSports890
Jul 272018 Heroes of872Simplicity21 — 398HeroesHearth1304
Jul 222018 Heroes of908Simplicity622 — 338No Tomorrow843
Jul 212018 Heroes of946Simplicity701 — 330LFM eSports838
Jul 142018 Heroes of972Simplicity250 — 375Team Octalysis1114
Jul 082018 Heroes of967Simplicity101 — 390Tempo Storm1230
Jul 012018 Heroes of927Simplicity293 — 171Endemic Esports1045
Jun 292018 Heroes of954Simplicity250 — 375Team Freedom1097
Apr 272018 Heroes of1025Simplicity652 — 335Gale Force eSports941
Apr 202018 Heroes of1035Simplicity402 — 360Team Freedom1088
Apr 142018 Heroes of1010Simplicity783 — 022SpaceStation Gaming846