DuDe - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Feb 28United Masters997ALTERNATE aTTaX45Bo255Red Reserve1033
Feb 16DreamHack Leip974ALTERNATE aTTaX641 — 036Unicorns of Love926
Feb 16DreamHack Leip983ALTERNATE aTTaX560 — 144Expert eSport954
Feb 14ESEA Season 30995ALTERNATE aTTaX490 — 151Red Reserve1021
Feb 12United Masters976ALTERNATE aTTaX632 — 037HAVU906
Feb 12ESEA Season 30975ALTERNATE aTTaX550 — 145Virtus.Pro951
Feb 11ESL Meistersch957ALTERNATE aTTaX472 — 053Unicorns of Love982
Feb 11ESEA Season 30937ALTERNATE aTTaX411 — 059Chaos.1025
Feb 11United Masters915ALTERNATE aTTaX612 — 039Vexed Gaming878
Feb 07ESEA Season 30883ALTERNATE aTTaX491 — 051Team LDLC895
Feb 05Loot Bet Hotsh892ALTERNATE aTTaX261 — 274NoChance1009
Feb 05Loot Bet Hotsh917ALTERNATE aTTaX230 — 2773DMAX.CS1067
Feb 05United Masters939ALTERNATE aTTaX400 — 260Red Reserve1016
Feb 04ESL Meistersch943ALTERNATE aTTaX--1 — 1--PANTHERSPROV
Feb 02Assembly Winte986ALTERNATE aTTaX570 — 243SuperJymy958
Feb 02Assembly Winte1023ALTERNATE aTTaX791 — 221HAVU877
Jan 29United Masters989ALTERNATE aTTaX472 — 053Tricked Esport1009
Jan 28ESL Meistersch989ALTERNATE aTTaX--2 — 0--BLUEJAYSPROV
Jan 28United Masters1037ALTERNATE aTTaX780 — 222Team LDLC877
Jan 22United Masters1039ALTERNATE aTTaX752 — 025Euronics Gaming868
Jan 21ESL Meistersch1021ALTERNATE aTTaX--2 — 0--Euronics GamingPROV
Jan 16United Masters1052ALTERNATE aTTaX590 — 241x6tence Galaxy982
Jan 15Loot Bet Hotsh1029ALTERNATE aTTaX622 — 038unknown955
Jan 15Loot Bet Hotsh1014ALTERNATE aTTaX492 — 151NoChance1011
Jan 14Loot Bet Hotsh1014ALTERNATE aTTaX--2 — 1--Copenhagen Flames.CSPROV
Jan 13Loot Bet HotshPROVALTERNATE aTTaX--2 — 1--Dragons Esports ClubPROV
Jan 08United MastersPROVALTERNATE aTTaX--1 — 1--AGO Gaming1000
Jan 07United MastersPROVALTERNATE aTTaX--1 — 1--HAVUPROV
Dec 18WINNERS LeaguePROVPANTHERS--1 — 2--BPro GamingPROV
Dec 15ESL Meistersch1084PANTHERS610 — 239ALTERNATE aTTaX1043
Dec 06WINNERS League1116PANTHERS932 — 171337HUANIA847
Nov 2299Liga S10 Div1170PANTHERS781 — 222Expert eSport1028
Nov 2199Liga S10 Div1138PANTHERS822 — 018Berzerk959
Nov 2099Liga S10 Div1122PANTHERS742 — 126Expert eSport1003
Nov 16ESL Meistersch1117PANTHERS772 — 023Euronics Gaming931
Nov 1499Liga S10 Div1093PANTHERS712 — 029Berzerk991
Oct 2499Liga S10 Div1066PANTHERS632 — 037Expert eSport1001
Oct 21DreamHack Open1104PANTHERS330 — 267Team Vitality1203
Oct 21DreamHack Open1084PANTHERS482 — 052AGO Gaming1099
Oct 20DreamHack Open1063PANTHERS551 — 045Team Spirit1060
Oct 20DreamHack Open1049PANTHERS521 — 048Chaos.1053
Oct 18WINNERS League1035PANTHERS641 — 036LOLside918
Oct 1699Liga S10 Div1027PANTHERS842 — 016DIVIZON766
Oct 15ESL Meistersch1002PANTHERS692 — 031BLUEJAYS892
Oct 1199Liga S10 Div997PANTHERS702 — 030EYES ON U.CS882
Oct 10WINNERS League998PANTHERS550 — 145Codewise Unicorns963
Oct 08ESL Meistersch972PANTHERS492 — 051Berzerk980
Oct 0299Liga S10 Div949PANTHERS452 — 055Euronics Gaming965
Sep 05ESEA Season 28966PANTHERS521 — 248Fnatic Academy955
Sep 04ESEA Season 28932PANTHERS332 — 167x-kom Team1015