kressy - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Feb 28United Masters997ALTERNATE aTTaX45Bo255Red Reserve1033
Feb 16DreamHack Leip974ALTERNATE aTTaX641 — 036Unicorns of Love926
Feb 16DreamHack Leip983ALTERNATE aTTaX560 — 144Expert eSport954
Feb 14ESEA Season 30995ALTERNATE aTTaX490 — 151Red Reserve1021
Feb 12United Masters976ALTERNATE aTTaX632 — 037HAVU906
Feb 11ESL Meistersch957ALTERNATE aTTaX472 — 053Unicorns of Love982
Feb 11United Masters915ALTERNATE aTTaX612 — 039Vexed Gaming878
Feb 04ESL Meistersch943ALTERNATE aTTaX--1 — 1--PANTHERSPROV
Feb 02Assembly Winte986ALTERNATE aTTaX570 — 243SuperJymy958
Feb 02Assembly Winte1023ALTERNATE aTTaX791 — 221HAVU877
Jan 29United Masters989ALTERNATE aTTaX472 — 053Tricked Esport1009
Jan 28ESL Meistersch989ALTERNATE aTTaX--2 — 0--BLUEJAYSPROV
Jan 28United Masters1037ALTERNATE aTTaX780 — 222Team LDLC877
Jan 22United Masters1039ALTERNATE aTTaX752 — 025Euronics Gaming868
Jan 21ESL Meistersch1021ALTERNATE aTTaX--2 — 0--Euronics GamingPROV
Jan 17United Masters957Expert eSport372 — 063x6tence Galaxy1019
Jan 16United Masters1052ALTERNATE aTTaX590 — 241x6tence Galaxy982
Jan 15Loot Bet Hotsh1029ALTERNATE aTTaX622 — 038unknown955
Jan 15Loot Bet Hotsh1014ALTERNATE aTTaX492 — 151NoChance1011
Jan 14Loot Bet Hotsh1014ALTERNATE aTTaX--2 — 1--Copenhagen Flames.CSPROV
Jan 13Loot Bet HotshPROVALTERNATE aTTaX--2 — 1--Dragons Esports ClubPROV
Jan 08United MastersPROVALTERNATE aTTaX--1 — 1--AGO Gaming1000
Jan 07United MastersPROVALTERNATE aTTaX--1 — 1--HAVUPROV
Dec 15ESL MeisterschPROVExpert eSport--2 — 0--ALTERNATE aTTaXPROV
Dec 15ESL Meistersch988Expert eSport392 — 061Sprout1056
Dec 13United Masters986Expert eSport441 — 156ALTERNATE aTTaX1046
Dec 12United Masters1022Expert eSport590 — 241Vexed Gaming976
Dec 05United Masters1049Expert eSport280 — 272Windigo1192
Dec 04United Masters1048Expert eSport351 — 165Valiance1162
Nov 29United Masters1080Expert eSport500 — 250Red Reserve1087
Nov 27United Masters1077Expert eSport310 — 269Sprout1203
Nov 26United Masters1082Expert eSport591 — 141ALTERNATE aTTaX1028
Nov 23United Masters1081Expert eSport361 — 164Team LDLC1192
Nov 2299Liga S10 Div1028Expert eSport222 — 178PANTHERS1170
Nov 2299Liga S10 Div1000Expert eSport652 — 035Berzerk928
Nov 22United Masters997Expert eSport521 — 148Tricked Esport977
Nov 2199Liga S10 Div986Expert eSport672 — 033EYES ON U.CS900
Nov 2099Liga S10 Div1003Expert eSport261 — 274PANTHERS1122
Nov 16ESL Meistersch987Expert eSport612 — 039Private Esports927
Nov 11Europe Minor C996Expert eSport180 — 282Valiance1180
Nov 11Europe Minor C974Expert eSport281 — 072AGO Gaming1113
Nov 08ESEA Season 29971Expert eSport611 — 039against All authority891
Nov 08ESEA Season 29966Expert eSport340 — 166x6tence Galaxy1091
Nov 07ESEA Season 29946Expert eSport321 — 068ALTERNATE aTTaX1078
Nov 06ESEA Season 29968Expert eSport470 — 153Chaos.1021
Nov 05ESEA Season 29936Expert eSport201 — 080Virtus.Pro1193
Oct 3199Liga S10 Div927Expert eSport631 — 137BLUEJAYS850
Oct 31ESEA Season 29969Expert eSport340 — 166Fragsters1123
Oct 31ESEA Season 29974Expert eSport190 — 181ENCE eSports1221
Oct 2499Liga S10 Div1001Expert eSport370 — 263PANTHERS1066