waterfallZ - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Feb 03Intel Extreme 853tomorrow will be better--Bo1--ATLANTSPROV
Feb 03IEM Sydney 201866tomorrow will be better--Bo1--ATLANTSPROV
Feb 01QIWI TEAM PLAYPROVtomorrow will be better--0 — 2--NoChance1001
Jan 30QIWI TEAM PLAYPROVtomorrow will be better--2 — 1--HOLLYWOODPROV
Jan 27QIWI TEAM PLAYPROVtomorrow will be better--0 — 2--NoChance1032
Nov 12CIS Minor Cham970tomorrow we'll be better570 — 143LAN DODGERS924
Sep 14FACEIT Major: 970Winstrike260 — 174Cloud91129
Sep 13FACEIT Major: 980Winstrike240 — 176fnatic1168
Sep 12FACEIT Major: 983Winstrike170 — 183Team Liquid1306
Aug 05BravoBet Cup1002Winstrike460 — 254forZe1017
Aug 03BravoBet Cup970Winstrike362 — 064PRO1001046
Jul 31StarSeries & i992Winstrike330 — 267Fragsters1068
Jul 29MIDTV Cyber Cu1030Winstrike590 — 241Dream Eaters971
Jul 29MIDTV Cyber Cu1012Winstrike662 — 034PEY946
Jul 28MIDTV Cyber Cu1007Winstrike592 — 141Quantum Bellator Fire972
Jul 28MIDTV Cyber Cu1019Winstrike712 — 129Elements Pro Gaming915
Jul 28MIDTV Cyber Cu1043Winstrike630 — 137Quantum Bellator Fire971
Jul 27BravoBet Cup1021Winstrike511 — 049k1ck eSports Club1047
Jul 25Fusion Bet Mas1048Winstrike230 — 277Team LDLC1202
Jul 22StarSeries & i1041Winstrike682 — 132Elements Pro Gaming949
Jul 21StarSeries & i1041Winstrike261 — 274Windigo1143
Jul 20StarSeries & i1010Winstrike382 — 062GoodJob1048
Jul 20BravoBet Cup1013Winstrike661 — 034PLINK882
Jul 03Legend Series 1006Winstrike521 — 148Nexus Gaming1011
Jul 02QIWI TEAM PLAY1027Winstrike571 — 243SKITLITE977
Jul 02Fusion Bet Mas1047Winstrike441 — 256japaleno1075
Jun 30QIWI TEAM PLAY1082Winstrike611 — 239GoodJob1018
Jun 28Thunderpick In1090Winstrike451 — 255Euronics Gaming1134
Jun 26M.Game League 1110Winstrike643 — 236forZe1045
Jun 23ZOTAC Cup Mast1106Winstrike431 — 257NAO TEM COMO NTC1148
Jun 22ZOTAC Cup Mast1122Winstrike450 — 155Team Kinguin1160
Jun 20QIWI TEAM PLAY1106Winstrike812 — 019Elements Pro Gaming938
Jun 20M.Game League 1145Winstrike760 — 224forZe1006
Jun 15Thunderpick In1128Winstrike752 — 025Epsilon988
Jun 14Legend Series 1029Winstrike331 — 167Team Spirit1142
Jun 14Legend Series 1085Winstrike632 — 037PRIDE966
Jun 13M.Game League 1068Winstrike462 — 054Sprout1092
Jun 12M.Game League 1068Quantum Bellator Fire522 — 048ALTERNATE aTTaX1056
Jun 12Fusion Bet Mas1029Quantum Bellator Fire292 — 071Sprout1131
Jun 10Moche XL Espor1042Quantum Bellator Fire130 — 287SK Gaming1250
Jun 09Moche XL Espor1003Quantum Bellator Fire452 — 055Movistar Riders1037
Jun 05Legend Series 1003Quantum Bellator Fire471 — 053Epsilon1023
May 23GG.BET Majesti1046Quantum Bellator Fire721 — 228HOLLYWOOD930
May 23M.Game League 1023Quantum Bellator Fire562 — 044PRO1001000
May 22Legend Series 994Quantum Bellator Fire522 — 048Elements Pro Gaming987
May 22GG.BET Majesti1025Quantum Bellator Fire550 — 245forZe985
May 19Gamdom Premier1025Quantum Bellator Fire650 — 135Asterion916
May 17Gamdom Premier1020Quantum Bellator Fire661 — 034yodelin871
May 17Thunderpick In986Quantum Bellator Fire472 — 053Mortal Kombat1009
May 16M.Game League 1008Quantum Bellator Fire571 — 243forZe962