syrsoN - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Feb 16DreamHack Leip1029Sprout652 — 035Expert eSport963
Feb 16DreamHack Leip1032Sprout661 — 034Unicorns of Love923
Feb 13ESEA Season 301010Sprout321 — 068Movistar Riders1132
Feb 13United Masters1014Sprout441 — 156Red Reserve1080
Feb 12United Masters1031Sprout771 — 123Vexed Gaming882
Feb 12United Masters1036Sprout571 — 1433DMAX.CS979
Feb 11ESL Meistersch1059Sprout--1 — 1--PANTHERSPROV
Feb 11ESEA Season 301076Sprout500 — 150Valiance1076
Feb 07United Masters1068Sprout511 — 149Tricked Esport1068
Feb 07United Masters1051Sprout602 — 040Expert eSport995
Feb 05ESEA Season 301032Sprout621 — 038Unicorns of Love955
Feb 04ESL Meistersch1020Sprout772 — 023Euronics Gaming829
Feb 04ESEA Season 301037Sprout520 — 148Team Spirit1048
Feb 03Intel Extreme 1064Sprout530 — 147Gambit Esports1061
Feb 03IEM Sydney 2011064Sprout51Bo149Gambit Esports1061
Feb 03Intel Extreme 1064Sprout51Bo149Gambit Esports1061
Jan 31Intel Extreme 1085Sprout610 — 139Winstrike1037
Jan 30Intel Extreme 1071Sprout701 — 030Team LDLC917
Jan 29ESEA Season 301061Sprout711 — 029Team LDLC927
Jan 29United Masters1072Sprout541 — 146Windigo1073
Jan 28ESL Meistersch1072Sprout--2 — 0--CPLAYPROV
Jan 28United Masters1063Sprout451 — 1553DMAX.CS1104
Jan 24ESEA Season 301056Sprout591 — 041Izako Boars1011
Jan 24United Masters1029Sprout732 — 027Vexed Gaming892
Jan 21ESL Meistersch1029Sprout--2 — 0--No Limit GamingPROV
Jan 17United Masters1030Sprout--2 — 0--HAVUPROV
Jan 15United MastersPROVSprout--2 — 0--AGO Gaming980
Jan 14United MastersPROVSprout--2 — 0--Red ReservePROV
Jan 14United MastersPROVSprout--2 — 0--Tricked EsportPROV
Dec 19United MastersPROVALTERNATE aTTaX--0 — 2--SproutPROV
Dec 18United MastersPROVALTERNATE aTTaX--0 — 2--ValiancePROV
Dec 17United MastersPROVALTERNATE aTTaX--1 — 1--3DMAX.CSPROV
Dec 15ESL MeisterschPROVALTERNATE aTTaX--0 — 2--Expert eSportPROV
Dec 15ESL Meistersch1043ALTERNATE aTTaX392 — 061PANTHERS1084
Dec 13United Masters1046ALTERNATE aTTaX561 — 144Expert eSport986
Dec 13United Masters1071ALTERNATE aTTaX460 — 2543DMAX.CS1084
Dec 12NoxFire League1069ALTERNATE aTTaX391 — 261x6tence Galaxy1105
Dec 11United Masters1023ALTERNATE aTTaX252 — 075Windigo1161
Dec 10United Masters990ALTERNATE aTTaX462 — 054Vexed Gaming1021
Dec 06United Masters1017ALTERNATE aTTaX550 — 245Tricked Esport960
Nov 28United Masters1046ALTERNATE aTTaX290 — 271AGO Gaming1182
Nov 28NoxFire League1032ALTERNATE aTTaX190 — 281Windigo1185
Nov 26United Masters1028ALTERNATE aTTaX411 — 159Expert eSport1082
Nov 23United Masters1059ALTERNATE aTTaX601 — 140Euronics Gaming978
Nov 20United Masters1088ALTERNATE aTTaX320 — 268Sprout1206
Nov 20NoxFire League1061ALTERNATE aTTaX272 — 1733DMAX.CS1152
Nov 17ESL Meistersch1061ALTERNATE aTTaX722 — 028EYES ON U.CS907
Nov 12NoxFire League1046ALTERNATE aTTaX411 — 059x6tence Galaxy1087
Nov 09ESEA Season 291016ALTERNATE aTTaX341 — 066Epsilon1144
Nov 08ESEA Season 291043ALTERNATE aTTaX430 — 157Virtus.Pro1141