So Bad - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Sep 251098Fried Pudges--1 — 2--Hellraisers Dota2PROV
Sep 221082Fried Pudges371 — 063FlyToMoon1176
Sep 221116Fried Pudges800 — 220Wind and Rain936
Sep 221110Fried Pudges751 — 025Burning Fire916
Aug 14LOOT BET DOTA1136Vega Squadron371 — 363FlyToMoon1191
Aug 13LOOT BET DOTA1109Vega Squadron392 — 061Hippomaniacs1170
Aug 12LOOT BET DOTA1135Vega Squadron612 — 139Pavaga Junior1078
Aug 11LOOT BET DOTA1169Vega Squadron782 — 022Team Empire1006
Aug 06LOOT BET DOTA1158Vega Squadron822 — 018Wind and Rain954
Aug 06LOOT BET DOTA1150Vega Squadron792 — 121Ad Finem980
Aug 04LOOT BET DOTA1134Vega Squadron692 — 031Pavaga Junior1032
Aug 02LOOT BET DOTA1174Vega Squadron640 — 236Hippomaniacs1100
Aug 01LOOT BET DOTA1156Vega Squadron612 — 039Nemiga1094
Jul 31LOOT BET DOTA1114Vega Squadron722 — 028PRIES Gaming1006
Jul 30LOOT BET DOTA1142Vega Squadron702 — 030Team Unique1032
Jul 10The Internatio1150Vega Squadron351 — 265Natus Vincere1235
Jul 09The Internatio1162Vega Squadron471 — 253Winstrike Team1183
Jul 09The Internatio1135Vega Squadron282 — 172Natus Vincere1260
Jul 08The Internatio1114Vega Squadron321 — 068Gambit Esports1266
Jul 08The Internatio1097Vega Squadron461 — 054Team Spirit1101
Jul 08The Internatio1078Vega Squadron401 — 060Winstrike Team1169
Jul 07The Internatio1059Vega Squadron391 — 061Team Empire1117
Jul 07The Internatio1044Vega Squadron501 — 050FlyToMoon1057
Jul 07The Internatio1017Vega Squadron171 — 083Natus Vincere1272
Jul 07The Internatio1035Vega Squadron461 — 054Nemiga1065
Jul 06The Internatio1018Vega Squadron442 — 156Team Unique1049
Jul 06The Internatio1015Vega Squadron672 — 133CyberDogs923
Jul 04The Internatio1030Vega Squadron590 — 141FlyToMoon967
May 27Qi Invitationa1010Vega Squadron393 — 061Team Singularity1063
May 26Qi Invitationa1003Vega Squadron382 — 062PRIES Gaming1066
May 25Qi Invitationa977Vega Squadron402 — 060Team Singularity1033
May 25Qi Invitationa962Vega Squadron381 — 062Uvajenie.Hope1045
May 12EPICENTER Majo973Vega Squadron460 — 154FlyToMoon1003
Apr 28Dom Ru Champio949Vega Squadron472 — 053964
Apr 27Dom Ru Champio971Vega Squadron721 — 228Lizard849
Apr 27Russian eSport971Vega Squadron--0 — 1--Dark_LegionPROV
Apr 27Russian eSport971Vega Squadron--0 — 1--ANTON NA INVOKEREPROV
Apr 27Russian eSport971Vega Squadron--0 — 1--JEKABASHERGGPROV
Apr 27Russian eSport971Vega Squadron--0 — 1--MAGICALPROV
Apr 27Russian eSport971Vega Squadron--0 — 1--BTBPROV
Apr 26Dom Ru Champio971Vega Squadron--2 — 0--EllexOldGamingGPROV
Apr 20Adrenaline Cyb990Vega Squadron400 — 260Winstrike Team1041
Apr 19Adrenaline Cyb1006Vega Squadron310 — 269The Final Tribe1111
Apr 19Adrenaline Cyb987Vega Squadron412 — 159Winstrike Team1033
Apr 14Adrenaline Cyb963Vega Squadron332 — 167Team Singularity1058
Apr 14Adrenaline Cyb912Vega Squadron172 — 083Nemiga1117
Jan 25DreamLeague Se937Jokers Gaming480 — 152Imperial Pro Gaming954
Dec 16Russian eSport929Underdogs--0 — 2--Mega Lada E-sportsPROV
Dec 15Russian eSport945Underdogs361 — 364Elements Pro Gaming1012
Dec 06joinDOTA Leagu946Underdogs301 — 270Kaipi1055