pyw - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Oct 021306Vici Gaming672 — 033Fnatic1216
Oct 021292Vici Gaming752 — 025EHOME1151
Oct 011292Vici Gaming--2 — 0--BurNIngs LegionPROV
Oct 011321Vici Gaming680 — 232Fnatic1222
Sep 301307Vici Gaming742 — 026EHOME1170
Sep 26990Team Serenity66Bo334NewBee Young905
Sep 261041Team Serenity410 — 259Keen Gaming.Luminous1089
Sep 261071Team Serenity700 — 230For The Dream958
Sep 261124Team Serenity530 — 247CDEC Gaming1111
Sep 241041Team Serenity282 — 072Sparking Arrow Gaming1165
Sep 241026Team Serenity722 — 028Team Reason901
Sep 191041Team Serenity640 — 136Neon Esports941
Sep 171041Team Serenity--0 — 2--Fire PhoenixPROV
Sep 161069Team Serenity630 — 237Team Patience1001
Sep 151092Team Serenity701 — 230496 Gaming980
Sep 151092Team Serenity--0 — 2--Team LEIPROV
Sep 101115Team Serenity500 — 250Team Adroit1117
Sep 091115Team Serenity--0 — 2--Virgin GamingPROV
Sep 09Asia Communica1080Team Serenity730 — 227Keen Gaming.Luminous951
Sep 08Asia Communica1115Team Serenity820 — 218Resurgence923
Jul 28DOTA Summit 101130Team Serenity230 — 277Alliance1290
Jul 28DOTA Summit 101110Team Serenity572 — 043compLexity Gaming1076
Jul 27DOTA Summit 101096Team Serenity512 — 149J.Storm1084
Jul 26DOTA Summit 101096Team Serenity531 — 147beastcoast1084
Jul 26DOTA Summit 101098Team Serenity521 — 148J.Storm1086
Jul 26DOTA Summit 101121Team Serenity500 — 250paiN Gaming1120
Jul 26DOTA Summit 101135Team Serenity300 — 270Alliance1286
Jul 25DOTA Summit 101112Team Serenity502 — 050compLexity Gaming1113
Jul 12The Internatio1106Team Serenity390 — 161Team Aster1184
Jul 12The Internatio1112Team Serenity240 — 176Royal Never Give Up1317
Jul 12The Internatio1121Team Serenity370 — 163CDEC Gaming1198
Jul 11The Internatio1132Team Serenity430 — 157EHOME1180
Jul 11The Internatio1139Team Serenity320 — 168Invictus Gaming1275
Jul 11The Internatio1150Team Serenity440 — 156Team Sirius1192
Jul 11The Internatio1136Team Serenity421 — 058Newbee1207
Jul 06The Internatio1145Team Serenity--2 — 1--FTD.GuysPROV
Jul 06The Internatio1145Team Serenity--2 — 0--Team InitialPROV
Jul 04The Internatio1162Team Serenity320 — 268Invictus Gaming1261
Jul 04The Internatio1143Team Serenity402 — 160Newbee1204
Jun 01JBO Asian Mast1156Team Serenity441 — 256Newbee1189
May 31JBO Asian Mast1138Team Serenity422 — 158Team Sirius1182
May 30JBO Asian Mast1129Team Serenity621 — 038For The Dream1045
May 29JBO Asian Mast1115Team Serenity692 — 031Trump Gamers971
May 29WePlay! Dota 21121Team Serenity341 — 266Newbee1207
May 29JBO Asian Mast1123Team Serenity511 — 149TSG.JZONE.XH1118
May 28JBO Asian Mast1127Team Serenity521 — 148iG Vitality1112
May 27JBO Asian Mast1123Team Serenity381 — 162Team Sirius1209
May 26JBO Asian Mast1120Team Serenity401 — 160Newbee1192
May 26JBO Asian Mast1134Team Serenity781 — 122Aster.Aquarius912
May 14EPICENTER Majo1161Team Serenity590 — 241Team Aster1112