Fonte - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Sep 09Asia Communica1157Typhoon E-Sports Club742 — 026Neon Esports1019
Sep 081147Typhoon E-Sports Club--2 — 0--SerumPROV
Sep 08Asia Communica1147Typhoon E-Sports Club872 — 013Eclipse907
Sep 071147Typhoon E-Sports Club--2 — 0--Team ReasonPROV
Sep 071147Typhoon E-Sports Club--2 — 0--Team Miracle.PROV
Aug 10China Dota2 De1131Typhoon E-Sports Club573 — 143iG Vitality1095
Aug 10China Dota2 De1104Typhoon E-Sports Club362 — 064Royal1181
Aug 09China Dota2 De1090Typhoon E-Sports Club772 — 023Keen Gaming.Luminous933
Aug 08China Dota2 De1084Typhoon E-Sports Club652 — 135EHOME.Immortal1003
Aug 07China Dota2 De1099Typhoon E-Sports Club581 — 242iG Vitality1055
Jul 28China Dota2 De1118Typhoon E-Sports Club390 — 261Royal1175
Jul 26China Dota2 De1118Typhoon E-Sports Club--2 — 0--EHOME.ImmortalPROV
Jul 23China Dota2 De1087Typhoon E-Sports Club262 — 074CDEC Gaming1223
Jul 19China Dota2 De1087Typhoon E-Sports Club--2 — 0--Aster.AquariusPROV
Jul 18China Dota2 De1088Typhoon E-Sports Club782 — 122Keen Gaming.Luminous922
Jul 17China Dota2 De1064Typhoon E-Sports Club292 — 171Vici Gaming Potential1184
Jul 16China Dota2 De1079Typhoon E-Sports Club521 — 248iG Vitality1067
Jul 04The Internatio1093Typhoon E-Sports Club240 — 276Invictus Gaming1247
Jul 01Jiabet Asian M1088NewBee Young620 — 138SunRise1004
Jun 30Jiabet Asian M1101NewBee Young280 — 272Keen Gaming1269
Jun 29Jiabet Asian M1089NewBee Young742 — 026Eclipse904
Jun 28Jiabet Asian M1091NewBee Young521 — 148For The Dream1080
Jun 27Jiabet Asian M1071NewBee Young552 — 045Taichi Gaming1037
Jun 27Jiabet Asian M1071NewBee Young--0 — 2--Team AuthenticPROV
Jun 17ZBT Invitation1089Typhoon E-Sports Club640 — 236Team EVER991
Jun 14FVBET Asian Ma1099Typhoon E-Sports Club370 — 163Team Aster1189
Jun 13FVBET Asian Ma1105Typhoon E-Sports Club601 — 140Taichi Gaming1037
Jun 12FVBET Asian Ma1081Typhoon E-Sports Club492 — 051CDEC Gaming1090
Jun 11FVBET Asian Ma1098Typhoon E-Sports Club350 — 265Invictus Gaming1203
Jun 11FVBET Asian Ma1123Typhoon E-Sports Club570 — 243Geek Fam1077
Jun 10FVBET Asian Ma1112Typhoon E-Sports Club752 — 025Avalon Gaming923
Jun 09RedRain Cup Se1117Typhoon E-Sports Club331 — 267Royal1210
Jun 09RedRain Cup Se1103Typhoon E-Sports Club492 — 151For The Dream1106
Jun 08RedRain Cup Se1121Typhoon E-Sports Club370 — 263Royal1192
Jun 07RedRain Cup Se1100Typhoon E-Sports Club532 — 047For The Dream1081
Jun 06RedRain Cup Se1086Typhoon E-Sports Club702 — 030Trump Gamers935
Jun 06RedRain Cup Se1095Typhoon E-Sports Club651 — 135Keen Gaming.Luminous985
Jun 05RedRain Cup Se1098Typhoon E-Sports Club621 — 138Team Adroit1015
Jun 04RedRain Cup Se1072Typhoon E-Sports Club412 — 059iG Vitality1134
Jun 03RedRain Cup Se1072Typhoon E-Sports Club--1 — 1--Speed Gaming.cnPROV
Jun 03RedRain Cup Se1090Typhoon E-Sports Club400 — 260Royal1159
May 29JBO Asian Mast1078Typhoon E-Sports Club742 — 026Eclipse898
May 29JBO Asian Mast1112Typhoon E-Sports Club730 — 227Keen Gaming.Luminous938
May 28JBO Asian Mast1126Typhoon E-Sports Club320 — 268Invictus Gaming1257
May 27JBO Asian Mast1127Typhoon E-Sports Club560 — 244Team Aster1088
May 26JBO Asian Mast1127Typhoon E-Sports Club--2 — 0--Speed Gaming.cnPROV
May 26JBO Asian Mast1129Typhoon E-Sports Club591 — 141For The Dream1067
May 22StarLadder Imb1131Typhoon E-Sports Club271 — 273Keen Gaming1264
May 22StarLadder Imb1151Typhoon E-Sports Club410 — 259EHOME1204
May 21StarLadder Imb1150Typhoon E-Sports Club261 — 274Keen Gaming1285