Frempo - Series History

Esports Forecasts
May 16EPICENTER Majo952Black Sheep!70 — 193Evil Geniuses1389
May 16EPICENTER Majo952Black Sheep!--0 — 1--Nic CagePROV
May 15EPICENTER Majo957Black Sheep!210 — 179Forward Gaming1185
May 15EPICENTER Majo966Black Sheep!330 — 167beastcoast1086
May 15EPICENTER Majo973Black Sheep!320 — 168compLexity Gaming1104
May 15EPICENTER Majo964Black Sheep!601 — 040Team Xolotl895
May 12EPICENTER Majo963Black Sheep!--1 — 0--Team X4PROV
May 11EPICENTER Majo963Black Sheep!--0 — 1--Nic CagePROV
Mar 28North American980Black Sheep!320 — 268Team Team1076
Mar 24MDL Disneyland986Black Sheep!--1 — 2--Team XolotlPROV
Mar 22North American956Black Sheep!482 — 052Buckler Boys965
Mar 17North American956Black Sheep!--2 — 0--Team XolotlPROV
Mar 15North American956Black Sheep!--2 — 0--rawPROV
Mar 09North American938Black Sheep!612 — 039Feels Nugget Man860
Mar 02North American931Black Sheep!--1 — 1--tryharddotaPROV
Mar 01North American930Black Sheep!521 — 148abc123916
Feb 23North American957Black Sheep!490 — 251Buckler Boys960
Feb 23North American982Black Sheep!420 — 258Team Team1041
Jan 20North American1012Black Sheep!350 — 365Team Team1086
Jan 20North American981Black Sheep!542 — 046Feels Nugget Man959
Jan 14North American989Black Sheep!551 — 145Bad Juju955
Jan 13North American989Black Sheep!--2 — 0--Skr Skr 2.0PROV
Jan 07North American951Black Sheep!512 — 049Prosor and the Four Amigoes944
Jan 07North American955Black Sheep!422 — 058Truffle Salt1012
Dec 30North American932Black Sheep!340 — 266Team Team1043
Dec 24North American934Black Sheep!--1 — 1--Blue PikachuPROV
Dec 23North American942Black Sheep!571 — 143Feels Nugget Man890
Nov 26North American923Black Sheep!292 — 071Truffle Salt1045
Nov 25North AmericanPROVBlack Sheep!--2 — 0--Team VendettaGG1003
Nov 18North American929Black Sheep!602 — 040ROOONS857
Nov 17North American952Black Sheep!490 — 251Wheel Whreck While Whistling956
Nov 14North American953Black Sheep!491 — 151Team VendettaGG961
Nov 13North American923Black Sheep!552 — 045Bermudan Frogs890
Nov 03North American942Black Sheep!440 — 256Truffle Salt987
Nov 03North American938Black Sheep!592 — 041Blue Pikachu872
Oct 28North American911Black Sheep!422 — 058Team_Team969
Oct 27North American883Black Sheep!392 — 061Wheel Whreck While Whistling960
Oct 20North American882Black Sheep!441 — 156Team_Team927
Oct 19North American872Black Sheep!351 — 165Team VendettaGG982
Oct 14North American882Black Sheep!551 — 145Blue Pikachu848
Oct 13North American876Black Sheep!--1 — 1--Bermudan FrogsPROV
May 20Dota 2 BEAT In969Uncle Blink320 — 268is GG1070
May 17Dota 2 BEAT In969Uncle Blink--1 — 0--Not TodayPROV
May 17Dota 2 BEAT In969Uncle Blink--1 — 0--Team DoZePROV
May 16Dota 2 BEAT In926Uncle Blink520 — 148Not Today922
Jun 22The InternatioPROVRich and Pretty--0 — 1--Bulba + 41019