Nikobaby - Series History

Esports Forecasts
May 17EPICENTER Majo1082WarriorsGaming.Unity560 — 144Power of MYSG+AU1043
May 17EPICENTER Majo1087WarriorsGaming.Unity200 — 180Fnatic1329
May 17EPICENTER Majo1096WarriorsGaming.Unity370 — 163Mineski1210
May 16EPICENTER Majo1105WarriorsGaming.Unity360 — 164BOOM-ID1207
May 16EPICENTER Majo1117WarriorsGaming.Unity480 — 152Geek Fam1131
May 16EPICENTER Majo1108WarriorsGaming.Unity641 — 036EVOS Esports1011
May 16EPICENTER Majo1115WarriorsGaming.Unity270 — 173TNC Predator1270
Apr 06OGA Dota PIT M1131WarriorsGaming.Unity470 — 253BOOM-ID1147
Apr 06OGA Dota PIT M1095WarriorsGaming.Unity162 — 084TNC Predator1324
Apr 05OGA Dota PIT M1074WarriorsGaming.Unity412 — 059Tigers1122
Mar 31MDL Disneyland1116BOOM-ID321 — 268Mineski1218
Mar 30MDL Disneyland1141BOOM-ID560 — 244Neon Esports1108
Mar 30MDL Disneyland1136BOOM-ID542 — 146WarriorsGaming.Unity1105
Mar 30MDL Disneyland1105WarriorsGaming.Unity461 — 254BOOM-ID1136
Mar 30MDL Disneyland1115WarriorsGaming.Unity130 — 287Fnatic1366
Mar 24MDL Disneyland1073WarriorsGaming.Unity472 — 053DeToNator Dota21091
Mar 24MDL Disneyland1068WarriorsGaming.Unity642 — 136PG.Barracx995
Mar 09joinDOTA Leagu1023Unchained Esports622 — 038Pavaga Junior936
Mar 08joinDOTA Leagu1023Unchained Esports--2 — 0--Topf Voll OttPROV
Mar 01Cobx Masters 21062WarriorsGaming.Unity521 — 048Geek Fam1050
Feb 28joinDOTA Leagu1076WarriorsGaming.Unity300 — 270Neon Esports1222
Feb 28JJB Spring Cup1088WarriorsGaming.Unity460 — 154Team Serenity1100
Feb 27JJB Spring Cup1072WarriorsGaming.Unity490 — 151For The Dream1080
Feb 27JJB Spring Cup1087WarriorsGaming.Unity610 — 139Team Admiral1009
Feb 27JJB Spring Cup1078WarriorsGaming.Unity641 — 036iG Vitality968
Feb 27JJB Spring Cup1109WarriorsGaming.Unity430 — 157Mr Game Boy1167
Feb 12joinDOTA Leagu1082WarriorsGaming.Unity722 — 028Veteran916
Feb 02DreamLeague Se1089WarriorsGaming.Unity321 — 268Lotac1188
Feb 02DreamLeague Se1060WarriorsGaming.Unity192 — 181TNC Predator1247
Feb 01DreamLeague Se1081WarriorsGaming.Unity460 — 254BOOM-ID1104
Feb 01DreamLeague Se1087WarriorsGaming.Unity80 — 292Fnatic1382
Jan 31ESL One Mumbai1102WarriorsGaming.Unity570 — 143Genuine Gaming1051
Jan 31joinDOTA Leagu1087WarriorsGaming.Unity662 — 034Zeus Gaming973
Jan 30X-Bet Rampage 1105WarriorsGaming.Unity581 — 242496 Gaming1060
Jan 29joinDOTA Leagu1087WarriorsGaming.Unity612 — 039Team Admiral1013
Dec 30Loot Bet Winte1039Unchained Esports460 — 154Elements Pro Gaming1065
Dec 29Loot Bet Winte1039Unchained Esports--0 — 1--Team Empire HopePROV
Dec 29Loot Bet Winte1059Unchained Esports810 — 119Helsinki REDS809
Dec 12joinDOTA Turbo1089Clutch Gamers444 — 356DeToNator Dota21115
Dec 04The Bucharest 1088Clutch Gamers421 — 258BOOM-ID1133
Dec 04The Bucharest 1057Clutch Gamers292 — 071Mineski1178
Dec 04The Bucharest 1047Clutch Gamers572 — 143WarriorsGaming.Unity1013
Dec 03The Bucharest 1069Clutch Gamers470 — 253BOOM-ID1080
Dec 02The Bucharest 1053Clutch Gamers402 — 160Neon Esports1094
Dec 02The Bucharest 1038Clutch Gamers722 — 028Cignal Ultra918
Nov 25ESL One Katowi1036Clutch Gamers561 — 244WarriorsGaming.Unity1004
Nov 23joinDOTA Leagu1062Clutch Gamers620 — 238HighGround998
Oct 31joinDOTA Leagu1121Clutch Gamers682 — 032Rex Regum Qeon999
Oct 30Flame Cup1149Clutch Gamers740 — 226Dragon Gaming1012
Oct 28Flame Cup1100Clutch Gamers582 — 042Pluto Gaming1065