qianqian - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Oct 03971Revenge Gaming--0 — 2--Team HonorPROV
Oct 01987Revenge Gaming290 — 271Hero Gaming1105
Sep 29996Revenge Gaming411 — 259Team Sincere1043
Sep 28979Revenge Gaming532 — 047Vampire Gaming962
Sep 28965Revenge Gaming432 — 157Team Ethereal1000
Sep 26947Revenge Gaming472 — 153Immortal Gaming964
Sep 25964Revenge Gaming500 — 250Team Ethereal964
Sep 24937Revenge Gaming382 — 062Team Varanid1003
Sep 23961Revenge Gaming510 — 249Cobra Gaming954
Sep 18989Revenge Gaming410 — 259Hero Gaming1037
Sep 17969Revenge Gaming372 — 163Team Sincere1037
Sep 16982Revenge Gaming561 — 244Vampire Gaming948
Sep 12992Revenge Gaming372 — 363Team Sincere1056
Sep 10964Revenge Gaming352 — 065Team Varanid1044
Sep 10964Revenge Gaming--2 — 0--Team EtherealPROV
Sep 07Asia Challenge951Revenge Gaming332 — 167Team Sincere1046
Sep 04Asia Challenge951Revenge Gaming--0 — 2--Team GalaxyPROV
Sep 03Asia Challenge966Revenge Gaming--2 — 1--Team Destiny.PROV
Sep 02Asia Challenge966Revenge Gaming--1 — 2--Team EtherealPROV
Aug 29951Revenge Gaming--2 — 0--Immortal GamingPROV
Aug 28Asia Challenge965Revenge Gaming--0 — 2--Hero GamingPROV
Aug 27Asia Challenge947Revenge Gaming532 — 047Vampire Gaming932
Aug 26951Revenge Gaming--1 — 2--Team VaranidPROV
Aug 10Asia ChallengePROVRevenge Gaming--2 — 0--Team Destiny.PROV
Aug 09Asia ChallengePROVRevenge Gaming--2 — 0--Team EtherealPROV
Aug 08Asia ChallengePROVRevenge Gaming--1 — 2--Team GalaxyPROV
Aug 07Asia ChallengePROVRevenge Gaming--0 — 2--Cobra GamingPROV
Aug 04Asia ChallengePROVRevenge Gaming--0 — 2--Hero Gaming994
Aug 03Asia ChallengePROVRevenge Gaming--2 — 1--Team Sincere1080
Aug 02Asia ChallengePROVRevenge Gaming--0 — 2--Vampire Gaming903
Jul 27Betway Dota 2 PROVRevenge Gaming--0 — 2--Neon Esports969
Jul 25Betway Dota 2 PROVRevenge Gaming--2 — 0--iG Vitality1027
Jul 24Betway Dota 2 PROVRevenge Gaming--0 — 2--Hero GamingPROV
Jul 22Radiance CupPROVRevenge Gaming--3 — 1--Hero GamingPROV
Jul 21Radiance CupPROVRevenge Gaming--2 — 0--Team VitaminPROV
Jul 21Radiance CupPROVRevenge Gaming--2 — 0--Neon Esports975
Jul 20Radiance CupPROVRevenge Gaming--2 — 0--Team GalaxyPROV
Jul 19Radiance CupPROVRevenge Gaming--1 — 0--Death SquadPROV
Jul 17Radiance Cup953Revenge Gaming--0 — 2--Team VitaminPROV
Jul 17Radiance Cup925Revenge Gaming382 — 062Team QS1008
Jul 16Radiance Cup925Revenge Gaming--1 — 1--Hero GamingPROV
Jul 15Radiance Cup943Revenge Gaming400 — 260496 Gaming1012
Jul 15Radiance Cup953Revenge Gaming210 — 279Vici Gaming Potential1188
Jul 06The Internatio1076For The Dream--1 — 2--FTD.GuysPROV
Jul 01Jiabet Asian M1090For The Dream570 — 143Keen Gaming.Luminous1041
Jul 01Jiabet Asian M1090For The Dream57Bo143Keen Gaming.Luminous1041
Jun 30Jiabet Asian M1090For The Dream--1 — 1--Team AuthenticPROV
Jun 29Jiabet Asian M1070For The Dream562 — 044Taichi Gaming1030
Jun 28Jiabet Asian M1083For The Dream270 — 273Keen Gaming1257
Jun 28Jiabet Asian M1080For The Dream481 — 152NewBee Young1091