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Esports Forecasts
Sep 281161Team Aster320 — 268Invictus Gaming1258
Sep 281185Team Aster520 — 248CDEC Gaming1175
Sep 271165Team Aster322 — 168Invictus Gaming1266
Jul 12The Internatio1181Team Aster460 — 154CDEC Gaming1211
Jul 12The Internatio1193Team Aster500 — 150EHOME1192
Jul 12The Internatio1184Team Aster611 — 039Team Serenity1106
Jul 12The Internatio1192Team Aster330 — 167Invictus Gaming1300
Jul 12The Internatio1177Team Aster421 — 058CDEC Gaming1213
Jul 11The Internatio1185Team Aster320 — 168Royal Never Give Up1319
Jul 11The Internatio1199Team Aster550 — 145EHOME1166
Jul 11The Internatio1186Team Aster461 — 054Newbee1193
Jul 11The Internatio1171Team Aster431 — 057Team Sirius1206
Jun 23ZBT Invitation1184Team Aster551 — 245CDEC Gaming1158
Jun 23ZBT Invitation1203Team Aster400 — 260Invictus Gaming1259
Jun 22ZBT Invitation1236Team Aster770 — 223For The Dream1079
Jun 21ZBT Invitation1219Team Aster662 — 034CDEC Gaming1132
Jun 20ZBT Invitation1219Team Aster--2 — 0--Team Destiny.PROV
Jun 20ZBT Invitation1202Team Aster632 — 037iG Vitality1109
Jun 19ZBT Invitation1192Team Aster802 — 020Revenge Gaming954
Jun 19ZBT Invitation1174Team Aster592 — 041Neon Esports1108
Jun 19ZBT Invitation1177Team Aster621 — 138For The Dream1090
Jun 15FVBET Asian Ma1198Team Aster701 — 230Geek Fam1089
Jun 14FVBET Asian Ma1189Team Aster631 — 037Typhoon E-Sports Club1099
Jun 13FVBET Asian Ma1191Team Aster511 — 149Newbee1186
Jun 12FVBET Asian Ma1192Team Aster--2 — 0--Speed Gaming.cnPROV
Jun 12FVBET Asian Ma1191Team Aster451 — 155Royal1226
Jun 11FVBET Asian Ma1191Team Aster--2 — 0--SunRisePROV
Jun 10FVBET Asian Ma1202Team Aster761 — 124Keen Gaming.Luminous1000
Jun 01JBO Asian Mast1183Team Aster433 — 257Newbee1216
May 31JBO Asian Mast1151Team Aster232 — 077Invictus Gaming1309
May 30JBO Asian Mast1122Team Aster332 — 067Newbee1213
May 29JBO Asian Mast1102Team Aster562 — 044For The Dream1057
May 28JBO Asian Mast1087Team Aster682 — 032Keen Gaming.Luminous953
May 27JBO Asian Mast1113Team Aster742 — 026Eclipse931
May 27JBO Asian Mast1088Team Aster442 — 056Typhoon E-Sports Club1127
May 26JBO Asian Mast1102Team Aster330 — 267Invictus Gaming1229
May 26JBO Asian Mast1102Team Aster--2 — 0--Speed Gaming.cnPROV
May 21StarLadder Imb1114Team Aster460 — 154Typhoon E-Sports Club1138
May 21StarLadder Imb1121Team Aster290 — 171Keen Gaming1278
May 21StarLadder Imb1123Team Aster501 — 150Typhoon E-Sports Club1125
May 21StarLadder Imb1110Team Aster251 — 175Keen Gaming1302
May 19EPICENTER Majo1127Team Aster340 — 266Newbee1212
May 18EPICENTER Majo1128Team Aster291 — 271Royal Never Give Up1247
May 17EPICENTER Majo1138Team Aster410 — 159Newbee1198
May 17EPICENTER Majo1124Team Aster451 — 055EHOME1175
May 17EPICENTER Majo1132Team Aster330 — 167Royal Never Give Up1238
May 17EPICENTER Majo1143Team Aster440 — 156Team Sirius1163
May 16EPICENTER Majo1124Team Aster221 — 078Keen Gaming1344
May 16EPICENTER Majo1128Team Aster170 — 183PSG.LGD1422
May 16EPICENTER Majo1132Team Aster150 — 185Vici Gaming1409