iAnnihilate - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Mar 29North AmericanPROVraw--1 — 3--Team Team1093
Mar 29North AmericanPROVraw--2 — 0--abc123940
Mar 16North AmericanPROVraw--1 — 1--Team Team1029
Mar 15North AmericanPROVraw--0 — 2--Black Sheep!956
Mar 14BTS Spring CupPROVraw--1 — 3--Thunder Predator1015
Mar 13BTS Spring CupPROVraw--2 — 1--Team XolotlPROV
Mar 12BTS Spring Cup942raw371 — 263Thunder Predator1010
Mar 11BTS Spring Cup916raw402 — 060rei do picol972
Mar 10North American916raw471 — 153Buckler Boys937
Mar 09North American911raw441 — 156abc123955
Mar 03North American890raw532 — 047Team Xolotl867
Feb 25North American862raw382 — 062Feels Nugget Man945
Feb 24North American862raw--2 — 0--tryharddotaPROV
Jan 20North American959Feels Nugget Man460 — 254Black Sheep!981
Jan 13North American932Feels Nugget Man412 — 059Truffle Salt993
Jan 11North American903Feels Nugget Man372 — 063Bad Juju995
Jan 07North American891Feels Nugget Man--2 — 0--Skr Skr 2.0PROV
Jan 06North American902Feels Nugget Man--1 — 1--Prosor and the Four AmigoesPROV
Dec 31North American898Feels Nugget Man461 — 154Blue Pikachu926
Dec 23North American890Feels Nugget Man431 — 157Black Sheep!942
Dec 04The Bucharest 917Anime11Esports270 — 273compLexity Gaming1044
Dec 03The Bucharest 940Anime11Esports340 — 266Team Team1035
Nov 29The Chongqing 904Zugzwang260 — 274Team Team1036
Nov 28The Chongqing 911Zugzwang30 — 297Forward Gaming1315
Nov 18North American857ROOONS400 — 260Black Sheep!929
Nov 18North American876ROOONS420 — 258Team_Team930
Nov 18North American826ROOONS310 — 269Wheel Whreck While Whistling965
Nov 18North American838ROOONS260 — 274Truffle Salt1018
Nov 13North American923Black Sheep!552 — 045Bermudan Frogs890
Nov 01DreamLeague Se884ROOONS230 — 277Infamous1044
Oct 30DreamLeague Se895ROOONS160 — 284The Final Tribe1116
Oct 29DreamLeague Se905ROOONS140 — 286Tigers1133
Oct 28WESG 2018 Cana942BIGBADBOSSES270 — 273PotM Bottom1075
Oct 27North American935ROOONS480 — 252Team_Team947
Oct 27North American963ROOONS630 — 237Bermudan Frogs869
Oct 21North American987ROOONS540 — 246Wheel Whreck While Whistling958
Oct 20Red Bull Guard990ROOONS271 — 273Team Lithium1120
Oct 19Red Bull Guard1007ROOONS320 — 268Mineski1104
Oct 14World Showdown1014ROOONS320 — 168The Final Tribe1142
Oct 14World Showdown1020ROOONS250 — 175J.Storm1208
Oct 14World Showdown1028ROOONS330 — 167compLexity Gaming1154
Oct 12King's Cup 21035ROOONS681 — 132Wheel Whreck While Whistling906
Oct 12King's Cup 21042ROOONS621 — 138Team VendettaGG954
Oct 12King's Cup 21043ROOONS561 — 144Infamous1001
Oct 11King's Cup 21058ROOONS600 — 240Braxstone986
Oct 11North American1065ROOONS601 — 140Truffle Salt996
Oct 11King's Cup 21080ROOONS350 — 265paiN X1190
Oct 08King's Cup 21078ROOONS401 — 160J.Storm1161
Oct 07North American1066ROOONS752 — 025Black Sheep!873