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Esports Forecasts
Jan 13North American993Truffle Salt590 — 241Feels Nugget Man932
Jan 12North American986Truffle Salt--2 — 0--Blue PikachuPROV
Jan 07North American1012Truffle Salt580 — 242Black Sheep!955
Jan 04North American1012Truffle Salt--1 — 1--Bad JujuPROV
Dec 31North American1012Truffle Salt--2 — 0--Prosor and the Four AmigoesPROV
Dec 30North American1008Truffle Salt451 — 155Team Team1043
Dec 29North American1008Truffle Salt--2 — 0--Skr Skr 2.0PROV
Nov 25North American1031Truffle Salt472 — 053Team Team1044
Nov 18North American1018Truffle Salt742 — 026ROOONS838
Nov 15North American1017Truffle Salt491 — 151Team VendettaGG1023
Nov 15North American1020Truffle Salt601 — 140Team_Team951
Nov 11North American1000Truffle Salt632 — 037Bermudan Frogs908
Nov 05North American1007Truffle Salt611 — 139Wheel Whreck While Whistling930
Nov 03North American987Truffle Salt562 — 044Black Sheep!942
Oct 24North American1030Truffle Salt521 — 148Team VendettaGG1013
Oct 21North American991Truffle Salt672 — 033Blue Pikachu865
Oct 20North American1000Truffle Salt661 — 134Bermudan Frogs887
Oct 15North American1002Truffle Salt581 — 142Wheel Whreck While Whistling942
Oct 11North American996Truffle Salt401 — 160ROOONS1065
Oct 07North American954Truffle Salt542 — 046Black Sheep!923
Oct 05North American929Truffle Salt452 — 055Pretty Boy Swag961
Feb 13EPICENTER XL C964Team Pangolier90 — 291compLexity Gaming1254
Jan 13KOD League Sea907Eternity250 — 275Doo Wop1097
Jan 13KOD League Sea903Eternity461 — 154Red Team Dota2934
Jan 10KOD League Sea900Eternity471 — 153Midas Club Elite919
Jan 05KOD League Sea920Eternity430 — 257BoRe972
Dec 21ProDota Cup #81049Doo Wop351 — 265Infamous1134
Dec 17ProDota Cup #1932Eternity480 — 152I.K.E.A.949
Dec 13ProDota Cup #1946Eternity190 — 281!Rebels!1130
Jun 23The Internatio1072Clucks For Life560 — 244Bulba + 41032
Jun 23The Internatio1063Clucks For Life631 — 037Not Today980
Jun 22The Internatio1063Clucks For Life--1 — 0--TLCPROV