-SsaSpartan- - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Oct 03FaceCheck by G994Ad Finem47Bo353Pavaga Junior1011
Oct 03FaceCheck by G994Ad Finem38Bo362Aachen City Esports1057
Sep 231005Ad Finem501 — 250Team Singularity1004
Sep 211016Ad Finem460 — 154Uvajenie.Hope1045
Sep 211004Ad Finem511 — 049Team Singularity1000
Sep 181000Ad Finem171 — 283FlyToMoon1208
Sep 151006Ad Finem240 — 176FlyToMoon1201
Aug 09LOOT BET DOTA1051Ad Finem570 — 243Nemiga1014
Aug 09LOOT BET DOTA1010Ad Finem612 — 039Wind and Rain950
Aug 08LOOT BET DOTA987Ad Finem492 — 051PRIES Gaming991
Aug 07LOOT BET DOTA990Ad Finem282 — 072Team Empire1112
Aug 07LOOT BET DOTA982Ad Finem400 — 260Pavaga Junior1033
Aug 06LOOT BET DOTA980Ad Finem211 — 279Vega Squadron1150
Aug 04FaceCheck by G998Ad Finem641 — 236Wind and Rain924
Aug 03FaceCheck by G1019Ad Finem440 — 256Nemiga1050
Aug 03FaceCheck by G996Ad Finem502 — 050Yolo Knights994
Jul 28LOOT BET DOTA1005Ad Finem471 — 253Team Unique1022
Jul 27LOOT BET DOTA1009Ad Finem311 — 269FlyToMoon1117
Jul 25LOOT BET DOTA1029Ad Finem410 — 259Hippomaniacs1079
Jul 04The Internatio1063Ad Finem671 — 233Evil Corporation967
May 25Qi Invitationa1026SexyAsF380 — 262The Final Tribe1088
May 25Qi Invitationa1037SexyAsF480 — 152PRIES Gaming1053
May 20StarLadder Imb1037SexyAsF--0 — 1--Sudoku BoysPROV
May 11EPICENTER Majo1052SexyAsF580 — 142Hippomaniacs998
Apr 20Adrenaline Cyb1068SexyAsF310 — 269Old But Gold1175
Apr 20Adrenaline Cyb1059SexyAsF532 — 147Team Singularity1041
Apr 18Adrenaline Cyb1072SexyAsF210 — 279Team Empire1246
Apr 06OGA Dota PIT M1083SexyAsF440 — 156Alliance1141
Apr 06OGA Dota PIT M1070SexyAsF471 — 053The Final Tribe1112
Apr 05OGA Dota PIT M1089SexyAsF611 — 239Goblin Legs1025
Mar 28MDL Disneyland1132SexyAsF551 — 245The Final Tribe1106
Mar 28MDL Disneyland1152SexyAsF280 — 272OG1278
Mar 22MDL Disneyland1115SexyAsF--2 — 0--Burning FirePROV
Mar 22MDL Disneyland1094SexyAsF682 — 032Covenant992
Jan 10QIWI TEAM PLAY1127Oi 5ada tou cube--1 — 2--Pavaga JuniorPROV
Nov 04WESG 2018 East1126Team Hellas661 — 234Nemiga1040
Oct 28Flame Cup1100Clutch Gamers582 — 042Pluto Gaming1065
Oct 27Gamers Premier1083Clutch Gamers662 — 034Team Lebanon994
Oct 26Flame Cup1113Clutch Gamers700 — 230Execration1001
Oct 25King's Cup 21124Clutch Gamers180 — 282Fnatic1317
Oct 24King's Cup 21112Clutch Gamers532 — 147DeToNator Dota21100
Oct 23King's Cup 21133Clutch Gamers450 — 255Lotac1158
Oct 20King's Cup 21144Clutch Gamers751 — 125Execration949
Oct 20Flame Cup1174Clutch Gamers660 — 234Neon Esports1057
Oct 19King's Cup 21160Clutch Gamers702 — 030Sterling Global Dragons1014
Oct 19Flame Cup1160Clutch Gamers--2 — 0--ARK GamingPROV
Oct 17Flame Cup1145Clutch Gamers672 — 033Zeus Gaming1023
Oct 17Flame Cup1135Clutch Gamers792 — 021Alpha Red917
Oct 16King's Cup 21117Clutch Gamers412 — 059Tigers1179
Oct 15Flame Cup1097Clutch Gamers562 — 044Team Admiral1056