ELLIVOTE - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Aug 20Overwatch Cont1266Team Envy451 — 455ATL Academy1296
Aug 14Overwatch Cont1280Team Envy804 — 220XL2 Academy1077
Aug 14Overwatch Cont1302Team Envy863 — 114Second Wind1050
Jul 15Overwatch Cont1288Team Envy--4 — 0--Tea PartyPROV
Jul 08Overwatch Cont1267Team Envy864 — 014Revival1018
Jul 02Overwatch Cont1231Team Envy814 — 019XL2 Academy1037
Jun 25Overwatch Cont1201Team Envy854 — 015Second Wind967
Jun 18Overwatch Cont1237Team Envy--4 — 0--Wave CheckPROV
Jun 02Overwatch Cont1283Team Envy380 — 262Fusion University1359
Jun 02Overwatch Cont1252Team Envy473 — 153Angry Titans1275
Jun 01Overwatch Cont1279Team Envy441 — 356Fusion University1327
May 31Overwatch Cont1261Team Envy573 — 243British Hurricane1210
May 01Overwatch Cont1235Team Envy624 — 138ATL Academy1185
May 01Overwatch Cont1187Team Envy753 — 025NRG eSports1029
Apr 18Overwatch Cont1207Team Envy963 — 14Phase 2796
Apr 10Overwatch Cont1217Team Envy963 — 04Second Generation829
Apr 03Overwatch Cont1216Team Envy833 — 117NRG eSports1011
Mar 27Overwatch Cont1165Team Envy754 — 025XL2 Academy1009
Mar 20Overwatch Cont1158Team Envy623 — 138ATL Academy1101
Mar 13Overwatch Cont1124Team Envy513 — 149Skyfoxes1122
Mar 01Overwatch Cont1200Angry Titans893 — 111Young and Beautiful919
Jan 11Overwatch Cont1255Angry Titans722 — 428Team Gigantti1121
Jan 10Overwatch Cont1209Angry Titans573 — 043Samsung Morning Stars1162
Jan 09Overwatch Cont1229Angry Titans763 — 224Winstrike Team1071
Dec 17Overwatch Cont1234Angry Titans811 — 119British Hurricane1049
Dec 09Overwatch Cont1216Angry Titans723 — 128One.PoinT1075
Dec 03Overwatch Cont1190Angry Titans813 — 019We Have Org984
Nov 25Overwatch Cont1191Angry Titans--1 — 3--Shu's Money Crew EUPROV
Nov 19Overwatch Cont1163Angry Titans803 — 020Orgless and Hungry962
Nov 14Angry Cup1247Angry Titans881 — 312Samsung Morning Stars971
Nov 10Angry Cup1239Angry Titans974 — 03Kungarna772
Sep 21Overwatch Cont1199Angry Titans511 — 449Eagle Gaming1181
Aug 12Overwatch Cont1213Angry Titans673 — 133Winstrike Team1111
Aug 10Overwatch Cont1187Angry Titans803 — 020One.PoinT996
Jul 24Overwatch Cont1201Angry Titans722.5-1.528British Hurricane1067
Jul 16Overwatch Cont1204Angry Titans893 — 111Young and Beautiful920
Jul 10Overwatch Cont1165Angry Titans744 — 0266nakes1017
Jul 02Overwatch Cont1161Angry Titans724 — 028Orgless and Hungry1015
May 12Overwatch Cont1233Angry Titans600 — 340Team Gigantti1179
Apr 23Overwatch Cont1196Angry Titans693 — 031Copenhagen Flames1069
Apr 08Overwatch Cont1183Angry Titans503 — 150Orgless and Hungry1201
Apr 02Overwatch Cont1141Angry Titans704 — 030Team Singularity1039
Mar 28Overwatch Cont1050Angry Titans244 — 076Team Gigantti1240
Mar 19Overwatch Cont1049Angry Titans282 — 372British Hurricane1180
Mar 11Overwatch Cont1089Angry Titans742 — 226That's a Disband942
Mar 04Overwatch Cont1156Angry Titans510 — 449Orgless and Hungry1149
Mar 03Overwatch Cont1139Angry Titans944 — 06Birb bois760
Feb 25Overwatch Cont1100Angry Titans764 — 024Piece of Cake926
Feb 24Overwatch Cont1104Angry Titans893 — 111That's a Disband804
Feb 23Overwatch Cont1084Angry Titans753.5-0.525Young and Beautiful918