Kensi - Series History

Esports Forecasts
May 17Overwatch Cont937Eternal Academy591 — 341Young and Beautiful869
May 16Overwatch Cont938Eternal Academy--1 — 3--Clockwork VendettaPROV
May 10Overwatch Cont937Eternal Academy--3 — 1--Team QLASHPROV
May 09Overwatch Cont937Eternal Academy--2 — 3--Crescent DewPROV
May 08Overwatch Cont937Eternal Academy--3 — 1--Wind and RainPROV
Apr 11Overwatch Cont879Eternal Academy343 — 166One.PoinT976
Apr 04Overwatch Cont943Eternal Academy550 — 445Shu's Money Crew EU908
Mar 28Overwatch Cont931Eternal Academy122 — 388Angry Titans1191
Mar 21Overwatch Cont923Eternal Academy292 — 371British Hurricane1045
Mar 14Overwatch Cont905Eternal Academy592 — 141Young and Beautiful855
Mar 07Overwatch Cont931Eternal Academy140 — 486Team Gigantti1193
Feb 13Overwatch Cont1029CIS Hope660 — 134HSL eSports914
Feb 10Overwatch Cont1098CIS Hope761 — 324Novus Ordo Seclorum933
Feb 08Overwatch Cont1091CIS Hope783 — 122Side Effects914
Jan 09Overwatch Cont1071Winstrike Team242 — 376Angry Titans1229
Dec 16Overwatch Cont1109Winstrike Team521 — 348Samsung Morning Stars1108
Dec 10Overwatch Cont1172Winstrike Team782 — 322Team Gigantti994
Dec 02Overwatch Cont1152Winstrike Team924 — 08Bazooka Puppiez829
Nov 26Overwatch Cont1138Winstrike Team773 — 123HSL eSports964
Nov 18Overwatch Cont1108Winstrike Team804 — 020Young and Beautiful911
Nov 10Angry Cup1143Winstrike Team712 — 229Samsung Morning Stars1004
Nov 10Angry Cup1095Winstrike Team654 — 035Bazooka Puppiez990
Nov 10Angry Cup1122Winstrike Team812 — 219Shu's Money Crew EU911
Nov 10Angry Cup1117Winstrike Team793 — 121We Have Org922
Aug 12Overwatch Cont1111Winstrike Team331 — 367Angry Titans1213
Aug 10Overwatch Cont1089Winstrike Team633 — 1376nakes1009
Jul 31Overwatch Cont1137CIS Hope340 — 466Team Gigantti1232
Jul 23Overwatch Cont1187CIS Hope751 — 325Eagle Gaming1026
Jul 17Overwatch Cont1144CIS Hope694 — 031One.PoinT1028
Jul 09Overwatch Cont1097CIS Hope644 — 036We Have Org1013
Jul 03Overwatch Cont1076CIS Hope694 — 031Copenhagen Flames959
Jun 09Overwatch PIT 1140CIS Hope811 — 3196nakes936
Jun 08Overwatch PIT 1127CIS Hope783 — 122Team Singularity943
Jun 07Overwatch PIT 1104CIS Hope863 — 014Northern Lights856
Jun 02Overwatch PIT 1081CIS Hope903 — 010Birb bois781
Jun 01Overwatch PIT 1157CIS Hope832 — 3176nakes938
May 12Overwatch Cont1193CIS Hope371 — 363British Hurricane1255
Apr 22Overwatch Cont1170CIS Hope513 — 149Orgless and Hungry1184
Apr 09Overwatch Cont1173CIS Hope672.5-1.533Copenhagen Flames1068
Apr 01Overwatch Cont1132CIS Hope764 — 024Young and Beautiful961
Mar 29Overwatch Cont1113CIS Hope723 — 128Mosaic1006
Mar 18Overwatch Cont1052CIS Hope524 — 048Bazooka Puppiez1042
Mar 12Overwatch Cont1119CIS Hope711 — 329Eagle Gaming995
Mar 04Overwatch Cont1132CIS Hope783 — 122Young and Beautiful937
Mar 03Overwatch Cont1132CIS Hope--4 — 0--That's a DisbandPROV
Feb 25Overwatch Cont1181CIS Hope681 — 332Orgless and Hungry1068
Feb 24Overwatch Cont1138CIS Hope704 — 030Primordial1007
Feb 23Overwatch Cont1082CIS Hope614 — 039Piece of Cake1014
Feb 17Overwatch Cont1070CIS Hope743 — 126Birb bois915
Feb 05Overwatch PIT 1098CIS Hope581 — 242Angry Titans1048