Angry Cup

Esports Forecasts
Nov 14, 2018
19:001247Angry Titans881 — 312Samsung Morning Stars971
Nov 10, 2018
23:30772Kungarna30 — 497Angry Titans1239
22:15820Kungarna380 — 462Orgless and Hungry893
22:151126Angry Titans423 — 158British Hurricane1172
22:15976Shu's Money Crew EU712 — 229We Have Org860
22:151143Winstrike Team712 — 229Samsung Morning Stars1004
19:45883Kungarna520 — 448Young and Beautiful862
19:45996Orgless and Hungry290 — 471British Hurricane1131
19:45936Bazooka Puppiez520 — 448Shu's Money Crew EU923
19:15882We Have Org351 — 365Samsung Morning Stars977
17:00938Kungarna320 — 468British Hurricane1056
17:001097Angry Titans824 — 018Young and Beautiful894
17:00990Bazooka Puppiez350 — 465Winstrike Team1095
17:00964Samsung Morning Stars542 — 246Shu's Money Crew EU937
15:30930Young and Beautiful451 — 355Orgless and Hungry963
15:301122Winstrike Team812 — 219Shu's Money Crew EU911
15:30938Bazooka Puppiez543 — 146We Have Org916
14:001090British Hurricane723 — 128Young and Beautiful948
14:001039Angry Titans534 — 047Orgless and Hungry1020
14:00976Bazooka Puppiez--0 — 4--Samsung Morning StarsPROV
14:001117Winstrike Team793 — 121We Have Org922