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Team For Victory - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Jun 11LanStory Cup 21053620 — 238Lucky Future979
Jun 10Overwatch Cont994514 — 049Big Time Regal Gaming988
Jun 09Overwatch Cont970904 — 010Alter-Ego678
Jun 08Overwatch Cont970--3 — 1--X-GamingPROV
Jun 05Overwatch Cont970--4 — 0--Phantom WizardPROV
Jun 04Overwatch Cont953743 — 126Never Lose Weight801
Jun 03Overwatch Cont844--2 — 3--Kindergarten of OverwatchPROV
May 31LanStory Cup 2968140 — 286T1W.GZA1220
May 30LanStory Cup 2978361 — 264LGD Gaming1061
May 29LanStory Cup 2893782 — 022Alter-Ego708
Apr 13Overwatch Cont963530 — 447Lucky Future948
Apr 07Overwatch ContPROV--1 — 3--Team CC1082
Mar 31Overwatch ContPROV--1 — 3--Guangzhou Academy1021
Mar 23Overwatch ContPROV--1 — 3--Flag Gaming1004
Mar 16Overwatch Cont1179830 — 417LinGan E-Sports & Huya953
Jan 30Overwatch Cont1112904 — 010Zenith of Optimism817
Jan 29Overwatch Cont1201650 — 435SFDD1110
Jan 29Overwatch Cont1167804 — 020CQU973
Jan 28Overwatch Cont1166883 — 112Laboratory890
Jan 28Overwatch ContPROV--4 — 0--ReStartPROV
Jan 27Overwatch ContPROV--4 — 0--Never Lose Weight1016
Jan 27Overwatch ContPROV--3 — 0--Alter-Ego757
Nov 27LanStory Cup 2927532 — 347Triple Six Legend910
Nov 27LanStory Cup 2927--1 — 3--Flag GamingPROV
Nov 26LanStory Cup 2854253 — 075LGD Gaming1002
Nov 21LanStory Cup 2879411 — 359Triple Six Legend935
Nov 20LanStory Cup 2879--3 — 0--Lingan e-SportsPROV
Nov 19LanStory Cup 2879--4 — 0--AvengersPROV
Jun 19Overwatch Cont973720 — 428Fiat Lux834
Jun 18Overwatch Cont957--3 — 0--Extraordinary ElitesPROV
Jun 16Overwatch Cont984391 — 361Moss Seven Club1048
Jun 15Overwatch Cont1015521 — 348Vici Gaming1005
Jun 14Overwatch ContPROV--2 — 3--Zenith Without DownPROV
Jun 12Overwatch ContPROV--1 — 3--Super Number 1PROV