Esports Forecasts Completed Series

Jan 16, 2019
05:00ANGGAME China 1097Royal541 — 246WarriorsGaming.Unity1076
Jan 15, 2019
17:00joinDOTA Turbo1116Team Empire Faith592 — 441Elements Pro Gaming1074
11:00ANGGAME China 1135DeToNator Dota2610 — 239Neon Esports1077
08:00ANGGAME China 1044Dragon Gaming350 — 265IamPoint Club1125
05:00ANGGAME China 1132DeathBringer Gaming650 — 235Neon Esports1049
Jan 14, 2019
11:00ANGGAME China 976iG Vitality250 — 275DeToNator Dota21121
08:00ANGGAME China 1103IamPoint Club512 — 049WarriorsGaming.Unity1099
00:00North American989Black Sheep!551 — 145Bad Juju955
Jan 13, 2019
12:30The Bucharest 1343EHOME603 — 140Gambit Esports1296
11:00The Challenge 956Flaming Cyborg Alpha162 — 084For The Dream1167
09:00The Bucharest 1275Gambit Esports562 — 044Keen Gaming1245
09:00ANGGAME China 971Execration301 — 170DeToNator Dota21121
09:00ANGGAME China 962Clutch Gamers320 — 268DeToNator Dota21098
09:00ANGGAME China 988Clutch Gamers570 — 243Execration941
05:00ANGGAME China 840ARK Gaming190 — 281WarriorsGaming.Unity1090
00:00North American993Truffle Salt590 — 241Feels Nugget Man932
Jan 12, 2019
18:30The Bucharest 1223Keen Gaming512 — 049Ninjas in Pyjamas1225
18:00QIWI TEAM PLAY1088Nemiga672 — 133Hippomaniacs990
14:45The Bucharest 1321EHOME542 — 046Gambit Esports1297
11:30ANGGAME China 1043Team Admiral460 — 254WarriorsGaming.Unity1069
11:15The Bucharest 1230OG Dota2531 — 247Ninjas in Pyjamas1210
09:30ANGGAME China 1025Neon Esports442 — 056Team Admiral1068
08:00The Bucharest 1226Keen Gaming772 — 123Team Team1067
08:00The Challenge 1152For The Dream732 — 027iG Vitality1021
07:00ANGGAME China 856ARK Gaming300 — 270Neon Esports1012
00:00North American928Skr Skr 2.0522 — 048Prosor and the Four Amigoes914
Jan 11, 2019
15:45The Bucharest 1200Ninjas in Pyjamas852 — 015Playmakers978
12:00The Bucharest 1118BOOM-ID621 — 238Team Team1050
11:30ANGGAME China 1047WarriorsGaming.Unity522 — 048Neon Esports1033
10:30The Bucharest 1277Gambit Esports562 — 044OG Dota21250
10:00ANGGAME China 1088DeToNator Dota2552 — 045Neon Esports1054
08:00The Bucharest 1302EHOME602 — 040Keen Gaming1245
07:00ANGGAME China 1090DeToNator Dota2591 — 141Dragon Gaming1026
00:00North American903Feels Nugget Man372 — 063Bad Juju995
Jan 10, 2019
15:30QIWI TEAM PLAY1011Kaipi322 — 168Nemiga1110
15:15The Bucharest 1233OG Dota2662 — 034BOOM-ID1149
13:00The Bucharest 993Playmakers280 — 272BOOM-ID1117
11:15The Challenge 1135For The Dream642 — 036iG Vitality1038
11:00ANGGAME China 1065Team Admiral461 — 154DeToNator Dota21093
10:45The Bucharest 1281EHOME542 — 046OG Dota21258
09:00ANGGAME China 1099DeToNator Dota2581 — 142WarriorsGaming.Unity1041
08:00The Bucharest 1242OG Dota2702 — 030BOOM-ID1133
08:00The Bucharest 1000Playmakers100 — 290EHOME1273
07:00ANGGAME China 1041WarriorsGaming.Unity521 — 148Dragon Gaming1027
Jan 09, 2019
16:00The Bucharest 1222Keen Gaming492 — 051Ninjas in Pyjamas1223
13:30The Bucharest 1210Ninjas in Pyjamas762 — 024Team Team1064
11:45ANGGAME China 981Clutch Gamers391 — 161Team Admiral1071
11:00The Bucharest 1244Keen Gaming480 — 252Gambit Esports1255
09:00The Challenge 1074Team EVER590 — 241iG Vitality1013
09:00ANGGAME China 1035Neon Esports582 — 042Clutch Gamers980
08:00The Bucharest 1259Gambit Esports832 — 117Team Team1060
08:00The Bucharest 1234Keen Gaming512 — 149Ninjas in Pyjamas1220
05:00ANGGAME China 1033Neon Esports491 — 151Dragon Gaming1029
Jan 08, 2019
17:00QIWI TEAM PLAY961TPB490 — 251Hippomaniacs967
11:00ANGGAME China 938Execration361 — 164WarriorsGaming.Unity1045
09:00ANGGAME China 1053Team Admiral632 — 037Execration957
07:00ANGGAME China 1000ARK Gaming540 — 246Clutch Gamers967
05:00The Challenge 1097Team EVER480 — 252For The Dream1114
05:00The Challenge 876Flaming Cyborg Alpha171 — 183Room 3101157
Jan 07, 2019
17:00QIWI TEAM PLAY927Anticoagulation210 — 279Nemiga1098
13:00QIWI TEAM PLAY995Kaipi612 — 039Monolith Gaming937
11:00ANGGAME China 1025WarriorsGaming.Unity552 — 045Clutch Gamers1000
09:00ANGGAME China 947Execration361 — 164Neon Esports1038
07:00ANGGAME China 1054Dragon Gaming550 — 245Team Admiral1028
05:00ANGGAME China 1036Dragon Gaming602 — 040Execration965
02:30North American951Black Sheep!512 — 049Prosor and the Four Amigoes944
00:00North American955Black Sheep!422 — 058Truffle Salt1012
Jan 05, 2019
18:15WePlay Dota 2 1223Gambit Esports403 — 060OG Dota21274
15:00WePlay Dota 2 1239Ninjas in Pyjamas550 — 245Gambit Esports1210
13:00Loot Bet Winte1242Alliance672 — 333PAVAGA1149
11:00ANGGAME China 997iG Vitality481 — 052Keen Gaming.Luminous1014
09:00ANGGAME China 976iG Vitality642 — 036Eclipse874
07:00ANGGAME China 845Eclipse251 — 075Keen Gaming.Luminous1032
07:00ANGGAME China 916iG Vitality212 — 079IamPoint Club1143
Jan 04, 2019
21:00Loot Bet Winte1101Nemiga421 — 258PAVAGA1141
19:45Loot Bet Winte1128Team Empire Faith480 — 152PAVAGA1139
18:00WePlay Dota 2 1252OG Dota2462 — 054NoPangolier1268
16:00Loot Bet Winte1226Alliance692 — 031Nemiga1117
16:00WePlay Dota 2 1241OG Dota2832 — 017Vega Squadron1034
15:00Loot Bet Winte1115PAVAGA321 — 068Forward Gaming1249
13:00Loot Bet Winte1120Team Empire Faith541 — 046Elements Pro Gaming1085
12:00WePlay Dota 2 1237Alliance451 — 255NoPangolier1256
10:00MDL Macau 20191127Newbee430 — 257Invictus Gaming1155
08:15MDL Macau 20191129Invictus Gaming412 — 059FGB Gaming1176
07:00ANGGAME China 1124DeathBringer Gaming822 — 018Eclipse859
05:00MDL Macau 20191141Team Root551 — 245Newbee1114
Jan 03, 2019
19:30WePlay Dota 2 1283Forward Gaming671 — 233Gambit Esports1188
18:30Loot Bet Winte1150Team Empire Faith591 — 241Nemiga1099
16:00WePlay Dota 2 1242Ninjas in Pyjamas772 — 123Elements Pro Gaming1083
15:00Loot Bet Winte1296Forward Gaming861 — 214Nemiga1069
14:30WePlay Dota 2 1168Gambit Esports562 — 044PAVAGA1136
14:30Loot Bet Winte1118Team Empire Faith442 — 156PAVAGA1152
11:00Loot Bet Winte1065Elements Pro Gaming301 — 070Team Spirit1209
09:00MDL Macau 20191170Room 310520 — 248Royal Never Give Up1156
07:00MDL Macau 20191136Royal Never Give Up792 — 021iG Vitality967
05:00MDL Macau 20191130Room 310262 — 074Keen Gaming1266
Jan 02, 2019
23:00ANGGAME China 1114DeathBringer Gaming581 — 042CDEC Gaming1060
23:00ANGGAME China 1017Keen Gaming.Luminous421 — 058CDEC Gaming1075
19:00Christmas Batt1160PAVAGA750 — 125Se7en eSports969
18:00WePlay Dota 2 1053Elements Pro Gaming252 — 175Team Spirit1198
16:30Loot Bet Winte1250Alliance482 — 052Ninjas in Pyjamas1256
16:00WePlay Dota 2 1118Team Empire Faith250 — 275NoPangolier1256
14:00Loot Bet Winte1242Ninjas in Pyjamas572 — 043Team Spirit1209
13:00WePlay Dota 2 1121Team Empire Hope660 — 234Vega Squadron1034
12:00Loot Bet Winte1237Alliance792 — 021Elements Pro Gaming1065
11:00ANGGAME China 1092CDEC Gaming700 — 130iG Vitality943
11:00ANGGAME China 1099DeathBringer Gaming682 — 032iG Vitality965
Jan 01, 2019
09:00ANGGAME China 1103DeathBringer Gaming631 — 137Keen Gaming.Luminous1012
Dec 31, 2018
00:00North American926Blue Pikachu541 — 146Feels Nugget Man897
Dec 30, 2018
21:00North American932Black Sheep!340 — 266Team Team1043
19:00WePlay Dota 2 1145PAVAGA351 — 065NoPangolier1248
17:15Loot Bet Winte1129PAVAGA561 — 044Elements Pro Gaming1076
16:45Loot Bet Winte1115PAVAGA411 — 059Team Empire Hope1167
16:30WePlay Dota 2 979Kaipi201 — 080Team Spirit1223
15:15Loot Bet Winte965Kaipi701 — 030Helsinki REDS806
15:15WePlay Dota 2 1105PAVAGA591 — 041Vega Squadron1044
14:00Loot Bet Winte1039Unchained Esports460 — 154Elements Pro Gaming1065
14:00WePlay Dota 2 1261NoPangolier781 — 022Vega Squadron1048
08:00H-Cup Season 11250Keen Gaming662 — 034Invictus Gaming1159
08:00H-Cup Season 11166Room 310541 — 246Invictus Gaming1144
07:00Dota2 Professi1343Vici Gaming583 — 042EHOME1303
01:30North American1008Truffle Salt451 — 155Team Team1043
Dec 29, 2018
20:45Loot Bet Winte1214Team Spirit801 — 020Kaipi978
19:30Loot Bet Winte1073Elements Pro Gaming320 — 168Team Spirit1206
19:00WePlay Dota 2 1097PAVAGA671 — 033Kaipi985
16:30WePlay Dota 2 1257NoPangolier831 — 017Kaipi990
15:15Loot Bet Winte829Helsinki REDS80 — 192Team Spirit1246
14:00Loot Bet Winte1059Unchained Esports810 — 119Helsinki REDS809
14:00WePlay Dota 2 1244NoPangolier491 — 051Team Spirit1258
12:15Loot Bet Winte1091PAVAGA501 — 050Nemiga1097
11:00H-Cup Season 11116Invictus Gaming362 — 064FGB Gaming1191
11:00Loot Bet Winte1063Nemiga481 — 052Elements Pro Gaming1085
08:15Dota2 Professi1289EHOME772 — 023Invictus Gaming1129
08:00H-Cup Season 11242Keen Gaming612 — 139Room 3101174
05:00H-Cup Season 11236Team Aster630 — 237FGB Gaming1164
05:00H-Cup Season 11101CDEC Gaming491 — 251Invictus Gaming1107
05:00Dota2 Professi1321Vici Gaming522 — 048EHOME1311
03:00Dota2 Professi1296EHOME391 — 061PSG.LGD1372
Dec 28, 2018
23:30Loot Bet Winte1062Nemiga231 — 077Team Spirit1272
19:00WePlay Dota 2 1112Team Empire Faith431 — 057Gambit Esports1158
18:15Loot Bet Winte1267Team Spirit771 — 023Unchained Esports1059
17:00Loot Bet Winte1020Kaipi421 — 058Unchained Esports1073
16:30Loot Bet Winte1058Nemiga801 — 020Helsinki REDS812
15:15WePlay Dota 2 1086Team Empire Faith641 — 036Hippomaniacs976
14:00WePlay Dota 2 1199Gambit Esports630 — 137Team Empire Hope1117
13:30Loot Bet Winte1108PAVAGA660 — 134Kaipi1004
12:15Loot Bet Winte1086Unchained Esports550 — 145Nemiga1044
11:00Loot Bet Winte1089PAVAGA261 — 074Team Spirit1285
09:15H-Cup Season 11164Room 310592 — 141CDEC Gaming1110
08:15Dota2 Professi1302EHOME812 — 119Newbee1111
Dec 27, 2018
20:45Loot Bet Winte1080PAVAGA571 — 043Unchained Esports1028
19:30Loot Bet Winte816Helsinki REDS180 — 182Elements Pro Gaming1078
18:15Loot Bet Winte1135Team Empire Hope731 — 027Kaipi966
17:00Loot Bet Winte1126Team Empire Hope611 — 039Nemiga1046
16:45WePlay Dota 2 1100Team Empire Faith540 — 146Elements Pro Gaming1065
15:30WePlay Dota 2 1193Gambit Esports771 — 023Hippomaniacs982
15:15Loot Bet Winte976Kaipi420 — 158Nemiga1036
15:15WePlay Dota 2 1118Team Empire Hope671 — 033Hippomaniacs990
14:00Loot Bet Winte1074PAVAGA821 — 018Helsinki REDS821
14:00WePlay Dota 2 1211Gambit Esports710 — 129Elements Pro Gaming1047
12:15Loot Bet Winte827Helsinki REDS170 — 183Team Empire Hope1100
11:00Loot Bet Winte1037Elements Pro Gaming581 — 042Kaipi987
10:45H-Cup Season 11216Keen Gaming412 — 059Team Aster1262
05:00H-Cup Season 11222Keen Gaming712 — 129Invictus Gaming1104
01:00Liga Pro Gamin1111Infamous640 — 236Team Peru1037
00:00H-Cup Season 1916Winning Gaming250 — 175Invictus Gaming1110
Dec 25, 2018
06:30H-Cup Season 1936iG Vitality540 — 146Winning Gaming903
06:30H-Cup Season 11129Royal Never Give Up711 — 029NewBee Young975
05:00H-Cup Season 11258Team Aster841 — 016Keen Gaming.Luminous961
Dec 24, 2018
08:00H-Cup Season 11096Royal Never Give Up461 — 054DeathBringer Gaming1117
08:00H-Cup Season 11100Invictus Gaming491 — 051Team EVER1110
08:00H-Cup Season 1995Keen Gaming.Luminous551 — 045iG Vitality973
08:00H-Cup Season 11227Team Aster540 — 146Keen Gaming1209
08:00H-Cup Season 11081CDEC Gaming741 — 026Flaming Cyborg901
06:15H-Cup Season 1922iG Vitality261 — 074Royal Never Give Up1107
06:15H-Cup Season 1933FGB Gaming560 — 144Winning Gaming889
06:15H-Cup Season 11102Invictus Gaming380 — 162Keen Gaming1199
06:15H-Cup Season 11263Team Aster701 — 030Team EVER1118
06:15H-Cup Season 1883Flaming Cyborg341 — 066Keen Gaming.Luminous1000
05:00H-Cup Season 11065CDEC Gaming671 — 033FGB Gaming941
05:00H-Cup Season 1937iG Vitality610 — 139Flaming Cyborg859
05:00H-Cup Season 11097Team EVER761 — 024Winning Gaming895
05:00H-Cup Season 11131DeathBringer Gaming560 — 144Invictus Gaming1084
05:00H-Cup Season 1989NewBee Young500 — 150Keen Gaming.Luminous988
05:00H-Cup Season 11190Keen Gaming611 — 039Royal Never Give Up1117
Dec 23, 2018
21:30North American942Black Sheep!571 — 143Feels Nugget Man890
19:00North American949Feels Nugget Man390 — 261Team Team1027
12:15The China Hope1176Keen Gaming502 — 150Team Serenity1174
11:00H-Cup Season 11133DeathBringer Gaming281 — 272Team Aster1263
10:45Singapore Espo910Casuals461 — 154ShengQi940
09:452018 Sanya DOT1313EHOME511 — 249Vici Gaming1311
08:30The China Hope1164Team Serenity512 — 149IamPoint Club1167
08:00H-Cup Season 11100Invictus Gaming221 — 278Team Aster1264
05:002018 Sanya DOT1313Vici Gaming752 — 125Mr Game Boy1170
05:00The China Hope1141IamPoint Club452 — 155DeathBringer Gaming1168
05:00The China Hope1164Keen Gaming472 — 153Team Serenity1176
02:302018 Sanya DOT1150Mr Game Boy602 — 040Newbee1096
Dec 22, 2018
19:30Liga Pro Gamin1026Team Peru541 — 046Gorillaz-Pride999
19:00Liga Pro Gamin1100Infamous531 — 047Thunder Predator1076
18:30WESG 2018 Ukra1244Team Ukraine Yellow622 — 038Team Ukraine Blue1179
14:30WESG 2018 Ukra1189Team Ukraine Blue892 — 111Tencent Gaming930
11:00H-Cup Season 11183Keen Gaming380 — 262Team Aster1245
09:302018 Sanya DOT1339Vici Gaming600 — 240EHOME1287
08:00H-Cup Season 11243Team Aster722 — 128Royal Never Give Up1118
08:00H-Cup Season 11141DeathBringer Gaming602 — 140Invictus Gaming1090
07:002018 Sanya DOT1274EHOME782 — 022Newbee1109
05:15The China Hope1129DeathBringer Gaming802 — 020iG Vitality949
05:00H-Cup Season 11002NewBee Young210 — 279Keen Gaming1170
02:302018 Sanya DOT1342Vici Gaming822 — 118Mr Game Boy1147
Dec 21, 2018
17:30WESG 2018 Ukra1211Team Ukraine Blue480 — 252Team Ukraine Yellow1223
13:45WESG 2018 Ukra869SquadOfTheChampions50 — 295Team Ukraine Yellow1217
12:30The China Hope1118DeathBringer Gaming772 — 023Winning Gaming905
11:00H-Cup Season 11021NewBee Young410 — 259Invictus Gaming1070
10:45The China Hope1116DeathBringer Gaming411 — 159Team Serenity1178
06:00The China Hope885Eclipse220 — 278DeathBringer Gaming1106
Dec 20, 2018
23:00Liga Pro Gamin972Gorillaz-Pride402 — 060Playmakers1027
12:00H-Cup Season 11004NewBee Young291 — 071Team Root1160
11:00H-Cup Season 11070DeathBringer Gaming172 — 083Team Aster1278
10:00ESL One Katowi1120For The Dream202 — 380EHOME1281
09:00H-Cup Season 11148Keen Gaming512 — 049For The Dream1143
07:00ESL One Katowi1177Team Root340 — 266EHOME1263
06:00H-Cup Season 1988NewBee Young361 — 064CDEC Gaming1081
05:00H-Cup Season 11276Team Aster732 — 127For The Dream1145
05:00H-Cup Season 11179Keen Gaming690 — 231DeathBringer Gaming1076
05:00H-Cup Season 11071CDEC Gaming331 — 067Team Root1193
03:00joinDOTA Leagu924Veteran340 — 366PG.Barracx1007
Dec 19, 2018
23:00Liga Pro Gamin978Gorillaz-Pride331 — 267Thunder Predator1071
13:15H-Cup Season 11110Royal Never Give Up361 — 064Team Root1209
12:00The China Hope995Keen Gaming.Luminous270 — 273Team Serenity1166
10:00ESL One Katowi1107Royal Never Give Up231 — 277EHOME1266
10:00ESL One Katowi1114For The Dream282 — 072Team Root1240
10:00The China Hope914Winning Gaming200 — 280Team Serenity1157
08:00The China Hope991Keen Gaming.Luminous381 — 162DeathBringer Gaming1081
07:00ESL One Katowi1284EHOME621 — 238Team Root1218
07:00ESL One Katowi1106Royal Never Give Up470 — 253For The Dream1122
06:30H-Cup Season 1872Flaming Cyborg350 — 165NewBee Young980
06:00H-Cup Season 11077DeathBringer Gaming691 — 031Keen Gaming.Luminous953
06:00The China Hope1168Keen Gaming772 — 023iG Vitality960
05:00H-Cup Season 11119Royal Never Give Up530 — 147For The Dream1109
05:00H-Cup Season 11229Team Root450 — 155EHOME1273
00:30Liga Pro Gamin1007Playmakers601 — 040All In Gaming938
Dec 18, 2018
22:15Liga Pro Gamin922All In Gaming351 — 065Luccini Dilecom1026
12:30The China Hope935Avalon_Club220 — 278Keen Gaming1158
12:30The China Hope1100For The Dream692 — 031iG Vitality957
10:00The China Hope1124IamPoint Club682 — 032iG Vitality996
08:00H-Cup Season 1876Flaming Cyborg90 — 191Team Aster1274
08:00The China Hope976iG Vitality572 — 043Avalon_Club926
06:00The China Hope1148Team Serenity812 — 019Eclipse895
05:00H-Cup Season 1980NewBee Young250 — 175Keen Gaming1159
05:00H-Cup Season 1886Taichi Gaming270 — 173Invictus Gaming1063