Esports Forecasts Completed Series

May 18, 2019
19:30EPICENTER Majo1127Infamous693 — 031EgoBoys1030
17:30EPICENTER Majo1135J.Storm420 — 258compLexity Gaming1166
16:30EPICENTER Majo1036Gorillaz-Pride590 — 241EgoBoys1003
16:30EPICENTER Majo1075Thunder Predator680 — 232EgoBoys976
16:30EPICENTER Majo1078beastcoast360 — 264compLexity Gaming1148
16:00EPICENTER Majo1289Natus Vincere352 — 365Virtus Pro1360
15:00EPICENTER Majo1239Alliance291 — 271OG Dota21359
15:00ESL MY&SG Cham927Junior Gaming480 — 252X.sg944
14:30ESL India Prem932GoFigure581 — 042The Council878
14:00ESL Thailand C907LYNX TH500 — 250Alpha Red910
14:00ESL Vietnam Ch832NoMidas322 — 068Pango Gaming968
14:00ESL Thailand C980Buriram United571 — 143Cipher933
13:30ESL India Prem916Unknowns Cartel470 — 153TaskUs Titans939
13:30EPICENTER Majo1347Virtus Pro782 — 022Winstrike Team1181
12:00ESL Thailand C8315iwns481 — 152Astro Esports846
12:00ESL Vietnam Ch946Sleepy Ash652 — 035StarsBoba Young838
11:00EPICENTER Majo1338OG Dota2552 — 045Ninjas in Pyjamas1311
10:00EPICENTER Majo1177Team Empire540 — 246Winstrike Team1157
09:00EPICENTER Majo1248Royal Never Give Up212 — 079Vici Gaming1417
09:00EPICENTER Majo1332Fnatic702 — 030BOOM-ID1224
07:002019 Mid-Seaso1356SK Telecom T1712 — 329G2 Esports1256
06:00EPICENTER Majo1224Newbee200 — 280Vici Gaming1405
05:00EPICENTER Majo1224BOOM-ID782 — 122Power of MYSG+AU1057
04:00Feng Ye Profes939Vampire Gaming480 — 252Taichi Gaming949
03:00EPICENTER Majo1320Fnatic812 — 019Geek Fam1136
03:00EPICENTER Majo1247Royal Never Give Up712 — 129Team Aster1128
May 17, 2019
20:00Overwatch Cont937Eternal Academy591 — 341Young and Beautiful870
17:30EPICENTER Majo1104Infamous682 — 032EgoBoys1002
17:30EPICENTER Majo1120J.Storm422 — 158compLexity Gaming1163
16:30EPICENTER Majo1398Evil Geniuses892 — 011J.Storm1128
16:30EPICENTER Majo1004Gorillaz-Pride322 — 068Thunder Predator1104
16:30EPICENTER Majo1391Evil Geniuses922 — 08beastcoast1085
16:15EPICENTER Majo1386Team Liquid752 — 125Alliance1240
16:00EPICENTER Majo1266Natus Vincere312 — 169Virtus Pro1370
15:30EPICENTER Majo1006Gorillaz-Pride331 — 267Infamous1097
15:30ESL India Prem901The Council600 — 140Global Esports831
14:30ESL MY&SG Cham1073Unicorn752 — 025P1 Gaming881
14:00ESL Vietnam Ch927Seven Seeds441 — 156Super Saiyan God971
12:30ESL MY&SG Cham891Team Lagenda481 — 152DotaHero908
12:00EPICENTER Majo1152Winstrike Team151 — 285Virtus Pro1375
12:00ESL Thailand C921MS Cerberus562 — 044Xunwu Teamwork879
12:00ESL Vietnam Ch1033496 Gaming631 — 13723CreativeVN939
12:00EPICENTER Majo1332Ninjas in Pyjamas701 — 230Alliance1219
12:00EPICENTER Majo1346OG Dota2441 — 256Team Liquid1378
10:002019 Mid-Seaso1383Invictus Gaming LoL741 — 326Team Liquid LoL1264
10:00X-Bet Rampage 1075Looking for Sponsor390 — 261Neon Esports1135
09:30EPICENTER Majo1043Power of MYSG+AU441 — 056WarriorsGaming.Unity1084
09:00EPICENTER Majo1259Natus Vincere642 — 136Team Empire1184
08:30EPICENTER Majo1295Keen Gaming681 — 032EHOME1162
08:30EPICENTER Majo1219BOOM-ID791 — 021EVOS Esports987
08:00EPICENTER Majo1426Vici Gaming820 — 118Team Sirius1168
08:00EPICENTER Majo1298TNC Predator811 — 019Power of MYSG+AU1048
07:30EPICENTER Majo1128Geek Fam681 — 032EVOS Esports995
07:00Feng Ye Profes1126iG Vitality691 — 231Team QS1023
07:00EPICENTER Majo1311Keen Gaming640 — 136Newbee1208
06:45EPICENTER Majo1334Fnatic580 — 142TNC Predator1284
06:45EPICENTER Majo1138Geek Fam420 — 158Mineski1197
06:30EPICENTER Majo1419Vici Gaming721 — 028Royal Never Give Up1254
06:00EPICENTER Majo1430PSG.LGD731 — 027Royal Never Give Up1261
06:00EPICENTER Majo1138Team Aster410 — 159Newbee1198
05:30EPICENTER Majo1329Fnatic801 — 020WarriorsGaming.Unity1089
05:30EPICENTER Majo1210Mineski530 — 147BOOM-ID1206
05:00EPICENTER Majo1124Team Aster451 — 055EHOME1176
05:00EPICENTER Majo1425PSG.LGD791 — 021Team Sirius1174
04:00Feng Ye Profes956Team MAX302 — 170Team Sincere1071
04:00EPICENTER Majo1032Power of MYSG+AU361 — 064Geek Fam1154
04:00EPICENTER Majo999EVOS Esports150 — 185TNC Predator1280
04:00EPICENTER Majo1246Royal Never Give Up411 — 059Keen Gaming1325
04:00EPICENTER Majo1439Vici Gaming830 — 117Newbee1178
04:00X-Bet Rampage 1002Cignal Ultra592 — 041Cipher953
03:00EPICENTER Majo1238Royal Never Give Up671 — 033Team Aster1133
03:00EPICENTER Majo1183Newbee220 — 178PSG.LGD1420
03:00EPICENTER Majo1271TNC Predator601 — 040Mineski1220
03:00EPICENTER Majo1322Fnatic691 — 031Geek Fam1161
02:00EPICENTER Majo1181EHOME230 — 177PSG.LGD1414
02:00EPICENTER Majo1163Team Sirius561 — 044Team Aster1143
02:00EPICENTER Majo1312Fnatic611 — 039BOOM-ID1216
02:00EPICENTER Majo1211Mineski631 — 037WarriorsGaming.Unity1098
00:00Heroes Lounge 994The Lost Boys733 — 227Order of the Sleeping Dragon868
May 16, 2019
23:00EPICENTER Majo1002FreeStyle721 — 028Midas Club838
23:00EPICENTER Majo1118paiN Gaming680 — 132Gorillaz-Pride989
23:00EPICENTER Majo1121J.Storm711 — 029Black Sheep!969
23:00EPICENTER Majo1218Forward Gaming561 — 044compLexity Gaming1173
23:00EPICENTER Majo1163compLexity Gaming591 — 041beastcoast1095
22:00EPICENTER Majo1101paiN Gaming481 — 052Thunder Predator1117
22:00EPICENTER Majo936SG e-sports621 — 038Midas Club847
22:00EPICENTER Majo983Young Drug Gaming360 — 164beastcoast1086
22:00EPICENTER Majo1115J.Storm771 — 023Team Xolotl903
21:30EPICENTER Majo1079Infamous411 — 059Thunder Predator1145
20:30EPICENTER Majo1209Forward Gaming781 — 022Young Drug Gaming989
20:30EPICENTER Majo1389Evil Geniuses931 — 07Black Sheep!952
20:00EPICENTER Majo937Gorillaz-Pride320 — 168Infamous1071
20:00EPICENTER Majo991EgoBoys471 — 053FreeStyle1015
20:00EPICENTER Majo1388Evil Geniuses951 — 05Team Xolotl885
19:30EPICENTER Majo890Team Xolotl220 — 178compLexity Gaming1112
19:30EPICENTER Majo1135J.Storm590 — 141beastcoast1071
19:00EPICENTER Majo814Midas Club130 — 187Thunder Predator1139
19:00EVC 2019 Summe1020QLASH Forge732 — 027Racoon849
19:00PG Nationals 2967HG Esports692 — 031MOBA ROG864
18:15EPICENTER Majo1384Evil Geniuses861 — 014beastcoast1075
18:00EPICENTER Majo900Team Xolotl390 — 161Young Drug Gaming979
17:45EPICENTER Majo1242Gambit Esports641 — 036Team Spirit1141
17:45EPICENTER Majo1236Alliance710 — 129The Final Tribe1083
17:45EPICENTER Majo1022Aachen City Esports140 — 186OG Dota21343
17:30EPICENTER Majo1134Thunder Predator691 — 031EgoBoys997
17:00EPICENTER Majo1403Evil Geniuses770 — 123Forward Gaming1190
17:00Heroes Lounge 816Go Next412 — 359LFT for div S865
16:45EPICENTER Majo1273Natus Vincere560 — 144Gambit Esports1228
16:45EPICENTER Majo973FlyToMoon230 — 177Team Empire1179
16:30EPICENTER Majo1000FreeStyle381 — 062Infamous1086
16:30EPICENTER Majo948Gorillaz-Pride440 — 156EgoBoys986
16:30EPICENTER Majo1322Ninjas in Pyjamas611 — 039Alliance1246
16:15EPICENTER Majo1566Team Secret781 — 022OG Dota21348
15:45EPICENTER Majo980FlyToMoon280 — 172Winstrike Team1145
15:45EPICENTER Majo1392Virtus Pro690 — 131Natus Vincere1256
15:45EPICENTER Majo1307Ninjas in Pyjamas381 — 062Team Liquid1393
15:30EPICENTER Majo1170Team Empire641 — 036Black Hornets Gaming1071
15:30EPICENTER Majo1565Team Secret961 — 04Team Singularity1032
14:45EPICENTER Majo1134Winstrike Team581 — 042Black Hornets Gaming1081
14:45EPICENTER Majo1388Virtus Pro801 — 020Team Spirit1146
14:30ESL India Prem941GoFigure370 — 163Signify1031
14:30EPICENTER Majo1009Aachen City Esports451 — 055Team Singularity1045
14:30EPICENTER Majo1087The Final Tribe150 — 185Team Liquid1389
13:30EPICENTER Majo1224Gambit Esports821 — 018FlyToMoon985
13:30EPICENTER Majo1179Team Empire380 — 162Natus Vincere1247
13:30EPICENTER Majo1562Team Secret871 — 013Alliance1249
13:30EPICENTER Majo1363OG Dota2570 — 143Ninjas in Pyjamas1293
12:15EPICENTER Majo1025Team Singularity171 — 083Ninjas in Pyjamas1313
12:00EPICENTER Majo1238Natus Vincere661 — 034Winstrike Team1143
12:00EPICENTER Majo1385Virtus Pro901 — 010FlyToMoon988
12:00EPICENTER Majo1581Team Secret790 — 121Team Liquid1370
12:00X-Bet Rampage 1039Team Edition631 — 037TaskUs Titans948
11:00EPICENTER Majo1381Virtus Pro831 — 017Black Hornets Gaming1086
11:00EPICENTER Majo1128Winstrike Team381 — 062Team Spirit1191
11:00EPICENTER Majo1037Team Singularity470 — 153The Final Tribe1075
11:00EPICENTER Majo1393Team Liquid920 — 18Aachen City Esports986
11:00X-Bet Rampage 942Execration490 — 151MSCeberus948
09:30EPICENTER Majo1107WarriorsGaming.Unity360 — 164BOOM-ID1207
09:30EPICENTER Majo1144Geek Fam301 — 070TNC Predator1288
09:15EPICENTER Majo1169EHOME491 — 051Team Sirius1175
09:00EPICENTER Majo1254Royal Never Give Up620 — 138Newbee1168
08:00EPICENTER Majo1119WarriorsGaming.Unity480 — 152Geek Fam1133
08:00EPICENTER Majo1217BOOM-ID410 — 159TNC Predator1277
07:30EPICENTER Majo1155Newbee451 — 055Team Sirius1189
07:30EPICENTER Majo1179EHOME410 — 159Royal Never Give Up1244
07:30EPICENTER Majo1004EVOS Esports240 — 176Mineski1205
07:00EPICENTER Majo1333Fnatic860 — 114Power of MYSG+AU1011
06:30EPICENTER Majo1344Keen Gaming780 — 122Team Aster1124
06:30EPICENTER Majo1427Vici Gaming501 — 050PSG.LGD1426
05:30EPICENTER Majo1422Vici Gaming801 — 020EHOME1184
05:30EPICENTER Majo1196Team Sirius310 — 169Keen Gaming1337
05:30EPICENTER Majo1110WarriorsGaming.Unity641 — 036EVOS Esports1013
05:30EPICENTER Majo1017Power of MYSG+AU250 — 175BOOM-ID1211
04:30EPICENTER Majo1140Newbee381 — 062EHOME1201
04:30EPICENTER Majo1208Team Sirius500 — 150Royal Never Give Up1232
04:30EPICENTER Majo1202BOOM-ID621 — 038Geek Fam1142
04:30EPICENTER Majo1271TNC Predator731 — 027WarriorsGaming.Unity1117
03:30EPICENTER Majo1413Vici Gaming621 — 038Keen Gaming1346
03:30EPICENTER Majo1129Team Aster170 — 183PSG.LGD1422
03:30EPICENTER Majo1326Fnatic691 — 031Mineski1213
03:30EPICENTER Majo1026EVOS Esports500 — 150Power of MYSG+AU1005
02:00EPICENTER Majo1411PSG.LGD551 — 045Keen Gaming1357
02:00EPICENTER Majo1409Vici Gaming851 — 015Team Aster1132
02:00EPICENTER Majo1322Fnatic861 — 014EVOS Esports1029
02:00EPICENTER Majo1206Mineski731 — 027Power of MYSG+AU1012
May 15, 2019
23:30EPICENTER Majo957Black Sheep!210 — 179Forward Gaming1185
23:30EPICENTER Majo1094beastcoast770 — 123Team Xolotl881
23:00EPICENTER Majo932Gorillaz-Pride381 — 062FreeStyle1015
23:00EPICENTER Majo1086beastcoast671 — 033Black Sheep!965
23:00EPICENTER Majo885Team Xolotl150 — 185Forward Gaming1181
22:30EPICENTER Majo1123Thunder Predator641 — 036FreeStyle1024
22:00EPICENTER Majo1399Evil Geniuses821 — 018J.Storm1139
21:30EPICENTER Majo1061paiN Gaming441 — 056Infamous1100
20:30EPICENTER Majo973Black Sheep!320 — 168compLexity Gaming1104
20:30EPICENTER Majo1169Forward Gaming531 — 047J.Storm1151
20:00EPICENTER Majo823Midas Club360 — 164Gorillaz-Pride924
20:00EPICENTER Majo1050paiN Gaming521 — 048FreeStyle1036
19:30EPICENTER Majo1096beastcoast410 — 159Forward Gaming1159
19:30EPICENTER Majo963Black Sheep!601 — 040Team Xolotl895
19:00EPICENTER Majo1142Thunder Predator800 — 120Gorillaz-Pride904
19:00ESL Mistrzostw912Wisa Pock eSports212 — 079PRIDE1079
18:30EPICENTER Majo1092The Final Tribe670 — 133Aachen City Esports970
18:30EPICENTER Majo1577Team Secret821 — 018Ninjas in Pyjamas1318
18:00EPICENTER Majo1116compLexity Gaming470 — 153J.Storm1140
18:00Heroes Lounge 1222Granit Gaming683 — 032Nothing Left1122
17:30EPICENTER Majo830Midas Club300 — 170EgoBoys981
17:30EPICENTER Majo989EgoBoys360 — 164Infamous1091
17:30EPICENTER Majo1044paiN Gaming771 — 023Midas Club836
17:00EPICENTER Majo997FlyToMoon290 — 171Team Spirit1150
17:00EPICENTER Majo1093Black Hornets Gaming310 — 169Natus Vincere1231
17:00EPICENTER Majo1394Evil Geniuses831 — 017compLexity Gaming1120
17:00EPICENTER Majo1315Ninjas in Pyjamas881 — 012Aachen City Esports973
17:00EPICENTER Majo1576Team Secret941 — 06The Final Tribe1093
16:30EPICENTER Majo1033paiN Gaming551 — 045EgoBoys1000
16:30EPICENTER Majo1087Infamous801 — 020Midas Club842
16:00EPICENTER Majo1373Virtus Pro691 — 031Gambit Esports1231
16:00EPICENTER Majo1113Winstrike Team391 — 061Team Empire1194
16:00EPICENTER Majo1359OG Dota2861 — 014Team Singularity1040
16:00EPICENTER Majo1411Team Liquid740 — 126Alliance1231
15:30EPICENTER Majo1165Team Spirit620 — 138Black Hornets Gaming1078
14:30EPICENTER Majo1225Natus Vincere781 — 022FlyToMoon1004
14:30EPICENTER Majo1178Team Spirit490 — 151Team Empire1182
14:30EPICENTER Majo978Aachen City Esports190 — 181Alliance1226
14:30EPICENTER Majo1355OG Dota2811 — 019The Final Tribe1098
14:30ESL India Prem842Global Esports370 — 163GoFigure932
14:15EPICENTER Majo1086Black Hornets Gaming310 — 169Gambit Esports1224
13:45EPICENTER Majo1104The Final Tribe260 — 174Ninjas in Pyjamas1309
13:30EPICENTER Majo1216Team Spirit540 — 146Natus Vincere1212
13:30EPICENTER Majo1575Team Secret971 — 03Aachen City Esports978
13:00EPICENTER Majo1075Black Hornets Gaming551 — 045FlyToMoon1018
12:15EPICENTER Majo1042Team Singularity100 — 190Team Liquid1408
12:00EPICENTER Majo1195Team Empire510 — 149Gambit Esports1211
12:00EPICENTER Majo1369Virtus Pro831 — 017Winstrike Team1117
12:00EPICENTER Majo1203Gambit Esports651 — 035Winstrike Team1094
12:00EPICENTER Majo1234Alliance310 — 169OG Dota21347
11:30X-Bet Rampage 931Exclamation Mark511 — 049Alpha Red922
11:00EPICENTER Majo1363Virtus Pro741 — 026Team Empire1201
11:00EPICENTER Majo1227Alliance711 — 029Team Singularity1049
11:00EPICENTER Majo1423Team Liquid600 — 140OG Dota21332
10:00The Nationals 911Bren Epro410 — 259PLDT-Smart Omega971
07:30The Nationals 998SUHA Execration Punishers551 — 145Happy Feet Emperors966
May 14, 2019
19:00A1 eSports Lea886Tempered Fate590 — 241TKA E-sports821
18:00Heroes Lounge 1149Washed up643 — 236Team Russia1073
18:00Heroes Lounge 1002What does the photographer say923 — 18Divine Vendetta703
17:00League Champio887Atlando Esports552 — 045Bucks Vipers861
14:452019 Mid-Seaso1341SK Telecom T1421 — 058Invictus Gaming LoL1398
14:15Gold Series He1023Super Perfect Team652 — 035KiTN914
14:002019 Mid-Seaso1146Flash Wolves451 — 055Phong V Buffalo1180
13:00X-Bet Rampage 1122Neon Esports772 — 023TaskUs Titans961
13:00Gold Series He1004Boluo672 — 033OFD879
12:452019 Mid-Seaso1251Team Liquid LoL481 — 052G2 Esports1270
12:002019 Mid-Seaso1151Flash Wolves190 — 181Invictus Gaming LoL1393
11:45Gold Series He1125Beyond The Game852 — 015KG825
11:00EPICENTER Majo1112Team Aster412 — 059Team Serenity1161
11:002019 Mid-Seaso1162Phong V Buffalo321 — 068G2 Esports1287
10:30The Nationals 978SUHA Execration Punishers572 — 043Bren Epro930
10:30Gold Series He1202TheOne532 — 047Chall Enge1179
10:00X-Bet Rampage 1073Looking for Sponsor522 — 048Team Edition1061
10:002019 Mid-Seaso1331SK Telecom T1611 — 039Team Liquid LoL1261
07:30The Nationals 968PLDT-Smart Omega461 — 154Cignal Ultra Warriors998
07:00X-Bet Rampage 1033496 Gaming722 — 128MS Cerberus912
06:00EPICENTER Majo1097Team Aster702 — 030Aster.Aquarius986
06:00EPICENTER Majo1068For The Dream360 — 264Team Serenity1143
04:00X-Bet Rampage 955Execration420 — 258Geek Fam999
May 13, 2019
15:002019 Mid-Seaso1170Phong V Buffalo290 — 171SK Telecom T11324
14:30ESL India Prem914The Council350 — 165Signify1022
14:15Gold Series He914KiTN551 — 145OFD879
14:002019 Mid-Seaso1384Invictus Gaming LoL661 — 034Team Liquid LoL1270
13:002019 Mid-Seaso1159Flash Wolves290 — 171SK Telecom T11316
13:00Gold Series He984Boluo692 — 031KG847