One.PoinT - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Aug 10Overwatch Cont1009180 — 382Angry Titans1221
Jul 31Overwatch Cont997331.5-2.567Eagle Gaming1103
Jul 23Overwatch Cont1005813 — 219Copenhagen Flames800
Jul 17Overwatch Cont1051310 — 469CIS Hope1169
Jul 09Overwatch Cont1054261 — 374Team Gigantti1209
Jul 03Overwatch Cont995363 — 164We Have Org1081
Jun 24Overwatch Cont956774 — 023Samsung Morning Stars Blue784
Jun 23Overwatch Cont978382 — 362We Have Org1049
Jun 17Overwatch Cont962653 — 135That's a Disband868
Jun 16Overwatch Cont921714 — 029Northern Lights789
Jun 15Overwatch Cont973682 — 332Team Singularity865
Jun 10Overwatch Cont1004421 — 358Bazooka Puppiez1055
Jun 09Overwatch Cont893304 — 0706nakes1017