6nakes - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Aug 10Overwatch Cont1037391 — 361Winstrike Team1105
Jul 30Overwatch Cont975484 — 052Young and Beautiful987
Jul 24Overwatch Cont1030512 — 349Orgless and Hungry1024
Jul 16Overwatch Cont992293 — 171British Hurricane1123
Jul 10Overwatch Cont1031230 — 477Angry Titans1203
Jul 02Overwatch Cont1021563 — 144Bazooka Puppiez978
Jun 24Overwatch Cont1106601 — 340Bazooka Puppiez1045
Jun 23Overwatch Cont1099783 — 122Team Singularity914
Jun 17Overwatch Cont1054804 — 020Samsung Morning Stars Blue854
Jun 16Overwatch Cont1036473 — 153We Have Org1053
Jun 15Overwatch Cont1004753 — 025That's a Disband844
Jun 10Overwatch Cont959714 — 029Northern Lights830
Jun 09Overwatch PIT 999340 — 366Eagle Gaming1097
Jun 09Overwatch PIT 936193 — 181CIS Hope1140
Jun 09Overwatch Cont1017700 — 430One.PoinT893
Jun 08Overwatch PIT 1054491 — 351Eagle Gaming1060
Jun 06Overwatch PIT 1031673 — 133Team Singularity924
Jun 01Overwatch PIT 938173 — 283CIS Hope1157