Angry Titans - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Aug 12Overwatch Cont1247693 — 131Winstrike Team1133
Aug 10Overwatch Cont1221823 — 018One.PoinT1009
Jul 30Overwatch Cont1141873 — 113Bazooka Puppiez882
Jul 24Overwatch Cont1235742.5-1.526British Hurricane1086
Jul 16Overwatch Cont1241903 — 110Young and Beautiful941
Jul 10Overwatch Cont1203774 — 0236nakes1031
Jul 02Overwatch Cont1161724 — 028Orgless and Hungry1012
May 12Overwatch Cont1233600 — 340Team Gigantti1179
Apr 23Overwatch Cont1196693 — 031Copenhagen Flames1069
Apr 08Overwatch Cont1183503 — 150Orgless and Hungry1201
Apr 02Overwatch Cont1141704 — 030Team Singularity1039
Mar 28Overwatch Cont1050244 — 076Team Gigantti1240
Mar 19Overwatch Cont1049282 — 372British Hurricane1180
Mar 11Overwatch Cont1089742 — 226That's a Disband942
Mar 04Overwatch Cont1156510 — 449Orgless and Hungry1149
Mar 03Overwatch Cont1139944 — 06Birb bois760
Feb 25Overwatch Cont1100764 — 024Piece of Cake926
Feb 24Overwatch Cont1104893 — 111That's a Disband804
Feb 23Overwatch Cont1084753.5-0.525Young and Beautiful918
Feb 07Overwatch PIT 1130380 — 362Those Guys1205
Feb 06Overwatch PIT 1075503 — 050Piece of Cake1070
Feb 05Overwatch PIT 1048422 — 158CIS Hope1098
Feb 05Overwatch PIT 1002432 — 057Squid123241072
Jan 31Overwatch PIT 1027260 — 274Those Guys1177
Jan 31Overwatch PIT 988392 — 161CIS Hope1066
Jan 24Overwatch PIT 986702 — 130ENCE872
Jan 24Overwatch PIT 1001350 — 265Those Guys1089
Jan 23Overwatch PIT 1064711 — 229Piece of Cake964
Jan 22Overwatch PIT 1001392 — 061Eagle Gaming1081
Oct 14Go4Overwatch E980--0 — 1--Hallediciler980
Oct 14Go4Overwatch E980--1 — 0--Soryntheria980
Sep 02Go4Overwatch E980--0 — 1--Wizard eSports980
Sep 02Go4Overwatch E980--1 — 0--RedWorldG OW980
Sep 02Go4Overwatch E980--1 — 0--Samsung Morning Stars980